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About Us

Pixbit Solutions ia a team of experts with great passion in software design and development.  We serve more than 100 clients from 15 countries. Our innovative and result oriented software development strategies provides high quality digital solutions to our clients globally. We are equipped with a team of experts in designing completely customised, mobile & web based, distributed or stand-alone digital solutions which are designed specifically with the requirements of your business in mind. With vast experience in different type of technologies, our solutions consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, whether it’s a small to medium size, or large size organisations.

Where Does the Name “Pixbit” Come From?

The name “Pixbit” come from two words, not just two words, words that are more related to computers/softwares than any other words, words that represent smallest unit of design and code, i.e. “Pixel” and “Bit”. Like our name represent, we focus on every pixel of the design and every bit of the code we create, we care about even minor details of the software solutions we deliver, we assure attractive user interface, quality, and performance. Sound like your thinking? Let’s talk!!


The Process

Step No.



We start with researching and identifying your business, ideas, requirements, and goals. Then we define and schedule the project by breaking into simpler components, and we decide technology and development environment that best fit your needs.

Step No.



We believe design translate ideas to beautiful interfaces and innovations. Focusing on usability guidelines, we build intuitive user interfaces to give the best user experience both visually and functionally.

Step No.



Here we write the code that makes it happen. We strictly follow the best proven practices such as Agile development methodologies to minimize the errors and enable continuous integrations of new features any time.

Step No.



Our iterative testing approaches lead to quality of the product. We make sure all features are implemented, do tests with different test cases, generate reports, fix errors and repeat the cycle.

Step No.



Here we deliver your concept as an end-product. We believe on-time and quality delivery is what it make a project success, we deliver as fast as possible without compromising quality and performance.

Step No.



We provide excellent after sales support and we are here to manage your system, so that you can concentrate on your business. We have different types of long term support packages.


Pixel Perfect

Assured Quality

Emerging technologies

Open to innovation

Excellent client feedback

On time delivery

Customer focused

Reasonable price

Multi domain services

Quick turn around

Expert team

After sale support

Focus on User interface

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