Online users get more benefits from the online market, and it is the most convenient way of marketing for the customers. Nowadays, the world is getting digitized everywhere, so online marketing meets a huge demand among people. Only online can people sell or buy products effortlessly, and it is apt for both new and old products. It is hard to find time for buying a new thing or selling a new or old thing in your busy schedule. But some classified apps are there to help you. In this post, you will see how to Create an App like OLX, the Classified Mobile App

What are classified mobile apps?

The apps are easy to create, learn, sell, or buy anything on mobile phones. The apps used to sell and buy products are said to be classified as mobile apps, and it has many benefits to both owners and customers. The owners of this classified mobile app can gain more customers through loyal online marketing. A chat option in this mobile application will help the owner and customer communicate clearly regarding the products. It is one of the great ways to promote your business, and this app is completely cost-effective. 

How does this buy-sell application work?

The working system of this app is quite simple and easy, where the creator and developer made this easy. Classified apps operate straightforwardly. These applications offer users a platform to list the products they want to sell. These listings are added based on location and category so that buyers only see relevant items. Sellers must include the product's price, description, and other information so that buyers can learn more about it. The items on the list can be searched directly from the search bar. 

Some essential features of classified mobile application

and signup with a single tap

 Like any other marketplace, easy sign-in and signup is an essential feature of your classified application. This app feature allows you to log in with a single tap on the app's screen.

Buy it

 Buyers and sellers can use the same platform. This hidden feature enables you to purchase from a single signup. It is as follows; Given the platform's nature, this feature is critical for your app. This Craigslist-style feature allows your app's users to list their products in specific categories. 

Save for later

 This characteristic allows you to save a specific product or item in your profile, which you can access later from your user profile. 

Share it

 The application user can share the product's URL on any social media platform.

Chat it

One of the main features of classified mobile in this marketplace is chat availability. The buyer and seller can chat about the products to clarify their doubts in the chat box.

In-app payment

Most people prefer cash on delivery, but they must expect trustable online payment. While buying a product through the classified app, the in-app payment full of security is essential. 


In application navigation, the categories play a crucial role. The people are expecting the categories of products for quick navigation and display. 


Filters are the key tool to find a specific product according to the customer's preference, and the preferences of the product include price, brand, quality, colour etc.

Product images

 The customers will expect a visual view of a product, and it is better to add the product image in the app, which will help the buyer to have a better look at the product and get an idea through that image.

Reviews and ratings

 The classified mobile application must allow the users/buyers to share their experiences regarding the product, and so the reviews and rating features are necessary.

Bottom line:

Recently, classified mobile apps like OLX are becoming the fastest growing industry for the online market. Finally, the details explained above are about creating a classified mobile app like OLX, which is more cost-effective for buyers and sellers. Create a classified app for you and benefit from it. Pixbit Solutions offers the finest app developers that possess updated knowledge in the tech field. Do check out our portfolio and find for yourself about the works we've successfully delivered.