In Today's fiercely competitive market, startups becoming unicorns is the latest trend. Today, Groww has already reached a billion valuations. However, the investing platform exceeded the 3 billion mark five months later. Groww has a user base of million people that trust it with their money. Users can select from a combination of services such as fixed deposits, futures and options, gold, and mutual funds. If you are aiming to enter the fintech revolution and need to create or develop an mutual fund, you can go with the best app like Groww. So here are some lists of things how to develop a mutual fund app like Groww.

Core features of Groww to develop a best mutual fund?

The section on graphs and charts

On Groww, statistical information is instantly available. The chronological arrangement of various financial tools and the ups and downs in the prices of fixed deposits, recurring, and savings programs will be available to registered investors. So these types of sections need to develop in your mutual fund app.

Option for quick login

Be quick, or you will be last. For users, it offers a Google-based sign-in option. They can immediately sync their email accounts and start depositing funds.

Automatic KYC verification

All merchants must do Know Your Customer (KYC) checks in your mutual fund app. This prohibits illicit parties from defrauding the system or misusing funds. Similarly, individuals may make accounts on Groww in a matter of minutes.

A slew of security features

With 128-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, and Secure Sockets Layer, the Groww-like software keeps investors safe. As a result, when unauthorized parties attempt to access funds, users will receive real-time alerts. Here are numerous security precautions that can be taken to avoid hacking, phishing, and scamming assaults.

A monthly Systematic Investment Plan or a One-Time Investment is available to members. They can categorize financial instruments into different sectors. Users will access real-time statistics on absolute returns, annualized returns, expense ratios, monthly order trends, and the debt/equity/cash proportion.

Portfolio management that is always Up-To-Date

The Groww makes managing portfolios a breeze. People can easily move their money from traditional mutual funds to direct mutual funds. They can track the profits made over time. Internal and external mutual investments have crystal-clear data. Furthermore, consumers can divide their mutual fund earnings into four caps like large, mid, multi, and small. If you develop your mutual fund like Groww, you can monitor the performance of funds on the stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

A Cutting-Edge MF Calculator

Users will know exactly how much money they will make over time. An advanced Mutual Fund calculator is included in app-like Groww. After a set period, investors will know the projected yields on bonds and stocks. The three types of mutual funds will receive automatic updates such as debt, equity, and hybrid. They can also employ the Organized Investment Plan (SIP). Customers will be informed of the proceeds earned from individual mutual fund schemes over a set period.

What Is Groww's Business Model?

Because all of the buying and selling of fixed deposits, futures and options, gold, equities takes place online, the operating costs are similarly low. A physical facility is not required to operate a stock exchange. As a result, because the expenditures are minimal and the income is large, there is a good probability of profit. Finally, develop your mutual fund model like Groww.

Bottom Line:

Finally, Groww has nailed the investor's point of view. If you are creating a mutual fund app like Groww, this will help you attract institutional investors from all over the country. Your mutual fund can grow like Groww today, breaking all records in the finance industry. If you want to enjoy your mutual fund, you may follow the above guidelines.

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