E-commerce is already a thriving online business innovation, and it can change the way we shop for our daily needs. Physical shopping is enjoyable, but the chances of seeing a wide range of options are extremely low. Thus, E-commerce apps and websites serve as a one-stop shop for purchasing a wide variety of products, and it acts as a platform for connecting wholesalers with retailers and buyers. Common man is now very much familiar with Meesho - one of the successful reseller apps in India. There are infinite reasons you might want to build an app like Meesho. Here you can see how to create a reseller app like Meesho.

The benefit of developing an app like Meesho

Meesho has pioneered a new method of conducting business in the online internet space. And the meesho has a success story. They have amassed a massive reseller base and are cultivating a global entrepreneur community. It has reached a milestone and is capable of driving the business more effectively. Even if you can create a new wave in social e-commerce by developing a mobile application like meesho, you can also boost your business.

How to create an app like Meesho?

It is critical to follow the key steps outlined below to get started with online reselling app development and see positive results.

Conduct thorough market research to understand the market's needs. This can assist you in determining the key elements to include in your app to make it stand out among users.

Have a brilliant idea of what you want to offer your audience through your app. It is preferable to have one clearly defined goal rather than many.

Consult a reputable app development firm that offers the best Meesho-like app development. Receive your hands on the 100 per cent customizable solution, which allows you to greatly customize your app and create an app that meets all of your needs.

Implementing a comprehensive solution will help to expand your app in the future as your company grows.

Features that need to be added

The app's features determine the user's convenience. As a result, it is decisive to include all of the key features discussed below. You can also add extra functionalities to your app to improve its overall performance.


Users complete a quick registration process by entering the necessary information such as their name, contact information, and so on.

Product catalogue:

Categorizing products by product type allows users to have a more seamless search experience while also having a positive impression of the app.


Allow buyers to search for products based on price range, category, new arrivals, and so on.

Social sharing:

Deploy multiple social plug-ins and allow buyers to share desired products with their friends and families to elicit feedback. And, if a buyer prefers, they can become a reseller.

Product reselling:

With this feature or option, you can turn a buyer into a reseller and make them earn money from wherever they are with no investment.

Daily deals:

Include exciting offers and discounts on products daily to increase user retention.

Flexible payments:

Allow buyers to pay for their purchases using their preferred payment methods, such as net banking, cash-on-delivery (COD), or online payments.

Summing it up

In this increasing internet shopping culture, now is the time to launch an app that provides maximum benefits to both end-users and resellers. So, contact a reputable app development company that offers exceptional reseller app development solutions without further delay. Pixbit Solutions offers the finest app development services and we deliver the best reseller app development solutions globally.