With the development in technology, the things happening around us that were supposed to be normal and usual now have changed greatly. One among them is the release of electric vehicles. This cost effective, low maintenance, more convenient vehicle has gained popularity within a short span and now the businesses surrounding it have various opportunities to explore. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging systems are one of the demand seeking factors among them. Knowing the key factors for EV charging, your tasks become even smoother. Well, in this blog, we’ll be discussing the factors involved in EV charging and what all a person looking to establish an EV charging platform should really consider.

So let’s get started!

The 3 pillars of EV charging solution are;

  • Charging stations
  • Charging management software
  • Services to function smoothly

Not all EV charging solutions are the same, and it is important to understand the main features to consider before buying. The channel you choose reflects your brand, so it is recommended that you choose a reliable, affordable and smart channel. Locating the perfect spot to place the charging ports with an uninterrupted supply of electricity is the prime factor. The availability of resources and placing the charging stations would be a positive movement for the business.

Now here’s the best part!

For those who are planning to have a business on EV charging platforms, if you own a space with public-facing parking spots, implementation of EV charging stations is way better.

Without any doubt we can say, EV charging is going to be the world’s next fuel.

What is the role of a charging management software?

Charging management software is the key to maximizing the profit and productivity of charging stations. The software is executed in your charging station and provides you with an overview of the entire electric vehicle charging ecosystem via a portal or mobile application interface. Using charging management software, you can fully control many customizable station parameters, such as price, performance, station access, etc. Charging management software also allows you to set conditions that tell your site how to allocate available power. In this way, no matter how many cars stop to charge, they can activate their sessions without exceeding the network bandwidth. You can even plan to reduce production during periods of high energy consumption to avoid exceeding peak demand. There are many excellent EV charging software providers, but there is no one solution for all situations. One provider may have rich platform features, while another provider has a lower monthly fee. Choosing the right EV charging management software is to find the interface between what you need and what you are willing to invest in. With Pixbit solutions, you are free to choose the right software provider from our extensive list of world-class network partners, and you can visit our team of EV experts to ensure you make an informed decision.

Smart Charging?

When discussing electric vehicles and the charging methods, smart charging pops up being the most efficient method. If multiple electric vehicles are charging on the same network simultaneously, it may cause the grid to overload. With smart charging, you can increase the number of electric vehicles that can be charged at the same time without additional network investment.

Smart charging is an important part of the demand response solution portfolio. If the number of vehicle charging times and electricity prices can be effectively controlled, many benefits will affect all parts of the electricity market. Reduce electricity costs to pay for value-added services on the network. Wholesale markets and transmission and distribution network operators will have another means to meet demand and improve efficiency and total emissions. A more efficient and profitable energy system will bring monetary benefits to all utility consumers. Pixbit Solutions is known for delivering the best EV Charging Management System, making the procedures even smooth and reliable.

Choosing an EV charging solution provider that offers EV smart charging software solutions for your business should be taken care of. A slight carelessness in functioning can cause great loss. If you are a charge point operator, service provider, utility or energy company, or automotive company, we have got a brilliant solution for your business. We at Pixbit Solutions, being the top EV charging solution provider in India, offer the best EV charging platform for your firm. Check out our previous works and find for yourself the quality of the work we deliver.