The effectiveness of the facility management software is delivering high accuracy and better record-keeping abilities when compared to a paper-based system. It is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to manage their equipment, assets, space and more. Facility management software assists in managing and scheduling the repair and maintenance program for these facilities from a web-based dashboard. With the help of this software, an organization can achieve seamless operations at multiple locations. In this blog, Pixbit Solutions will be discussing the top 10 best features of facility management software. 

Asset management

You can save a lot of time to easily find out all the key information about your assets with just a couple of clicks. The facility management software solution makes organized efficiency possible. The software enables you to tag your assets with unique identifiers and also upload an image of equipment.

You can link the uploaded images with a link to their location on your property, so your team knows what it looks like and where to find it. The best platform will also provide you with some advanced functionality like barcoding, warranty tracking and a lot more. The best platform will also have the ability to set up parent-child relationships.   

A singular and integrated system

The single and fully integrated system will help in reducing the time and effort applied to get your job done. The software saves the facility managers from keeping away the redundancy. Facility management software also helps in managing both internal and external consistency and efficient workflow. 

Tack work orders and data history

Tracking work orders is mainly to keep a check on the trends of work orders as a future reference. You can track work orders on a monthly and yearly basis, which helps you in finding the areas that need huge attention and focus. It also allows you to track equipment’s data, such as the history of issues, errors and things to prevent experiencing redundant issues. 

Helps in tracking consumable inventories

Due to the pile of work, there is a high opportunity for facility managers to ignore about identifying the tough but tiny important consumable inventories. With the help of this software, they can check on the stocks of all the consumable and non-consumable items. 

Prevent and schedule tracking of maintenance

The facility manager needs to take care of many things like painting, decorating and other maintenance of the building and its components. The software keeps data of the history of every maintenance work and their next probable date of maintenance. 

Cloud-based application

Cloud-based facility management software will be very useful in managing every aspect of the infrastructure and personnel management from their mobile, computer, or personal laptops. This feature will be very useful in accessing important files without the burden of rushing back to your office.

Capability to create and prioritize work requests

This software helps to create work requests with detailed information and notifying other personnel on what type of service is in need. The facility management software helps in the proper delegation of the task.

Space management

The space management feature will enable you to know about the organization existing space and how it can be utilized optimally. Facility managers can plan and allocate the available space and track its real-time usage.

Strategic resource planning

This software helps to organize administrative, inventory, and labour resources by providing a streamlined connection between employees working inside the office and in the field. With this, users can minimize miscommunication while improving efficiency. 

Energy management

With this software, users can monitor their company’s energy consumption and related expenses across various locations. The software helps them re-evaluate their energy needs and find areas to cut energy waste.


These are some top features of facility management software that you need to know. Good facility management software with these features will make the facility manager’s tasks easier. Hope you find this article helpful. We are sure with the fact that there exist numerous people who are in search of the software companies that deliver facility management software. We at Pixbit Solutions deliver the finest facility management software. Feel free to contact our development team for more information.