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features of fintech apps

Must-have Features of Fintech Mobile Apps

Financial technology (FinTech) is on the upswing, and professionals anticipate an increase in competition. With the active development of new FinTech apps, it has become critical to identify unique features of these apps to make them appear more relevant to firms all over the world. Many organizations are rushing to adopt new features to stand out from the crowd, enticed by the growth forecasts that FinTech app development is the new buzz in the financial industry. Here are some of the essential features that must be included in a capable FinTech app. By the end of the blog, we’ll reveal one of the best fintech app development companies in India that offers the finest fintech app development services.

Detailed analytics: 

It is significant to have a fair picture of one's financial activities, which should be the focal point of your banking or financial services organization's app. You should be able to give your users a graphical representation of their transactions. Native analytic tools must be included in your application to enhance the overall experience for your user.

UI/UX immersion:

The interface of a FinTech application can greatly influence its utility. FinTech mobile app development done professionally allows designers to build a highly immersive interface to create a user-friendly app that provides a very smooth experience for every user.

Cross-platform capability:

This factor of your financial technology app entails more than just usability and smooth operation across multiple devices and operating systems. It also includes a wide range of emerging and forward-thinking technologies such as progressive web apps (PWAs) and the internet of things (IoT). Consumer practises bound to diversify in the future, and your FinTech developer should be able to meet their increasingly diverse demands as time passes.

Potential to perform multi-tier functions:

Multi-tier functionality is a feature that allows FinTech apps to be both flexible and efficient. It gives the opinion that the app is truly purpose-driven and efficient where it should be. This feature enables the app to operate smoothly while simultaneously running multiple sessions. Users can easily manage and track multiple activities, resulting in increased sales for the company.

A high level of personalization:

Integrating features that personalize the experience of individual customers can aid the success of your fintech app. The fintech app provides personalized answers to different people by using data to learn what specific customer’s value. For example, if someone wants to invest money and is looking for the best option, the fintech app will point them in the right direction. The app explains potential investment options that match the customer's budget, the expected returns of different options, and the risk associated with them, and other information.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is an outstanding demonstration of how to innovate. The incorporation of artificial intelligence into fintech applications expands the capabilities of your app. A fintech app that incorporates AI offers numerous benefits including increased operational efficiency, improved accuracy, automated customer support, fraud detection, wealth management, and more. Because AI automates customer support, AI-powered fintech apps allow professionals to focus on other tasks that enhance business and ROIs rather than helping clients.

Data protection and privacy:

The most vital aspects to consider when developing a fintech mobile app are security and privacy. For guaranteeing the security of users' financial data, full regulation and compliance must be obeyed and the authentication mechanism must be well planned and created.

Scanners and QR codes:

This feature simplifies people's lives by allowing them to avoid entering credit card numbers. All users need to scan the QR code with their camera phone, and users will then obtain a notification that must be tapped to complete the operation. Furthermore, money can be transferred by scanning a QR code in the recipient's app and confirming the successful payment sum. This feature significantly improves customer experience, resulting in a significant competitive edge.

Closing thought

Fintech technology is sweeping the financial industry due to a slew of user-friendly features that we cannot live without. Integrating the right features compatible with your niche of fintech apps will help your organization thrive and maximize revenue. As promised at the beginning of the blog about the best fintech app development company in India, do check out Pixbit Solutions. Pixbit holds the finest app developers that deliver high-quality applications. Contact our team and share your thoughts on building the desired fintech app.

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