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How to develop a Food Delivery App - Cost and features

Food delivery apps became conventional as a result of the pandemic and new safety restrictions. According to Statista, global internet food delivery revenue will top $130 million in 2021 which will continue to rise in the upcoming years.

Postmates, Zomato, Just Eat, and Uber Eats are a few on-demand food delivery applications that make our life easier. If you want to expand your restaurant business, the best method is to develop a food delivery app.

In this blog, Pixbit Solutions will take you through the entire process of building a food delivery app including all key parameters, features, cost, etc., as this will be of more traffic in the future.

Step 1: Tracking the trends of Food Delivery

Analyzing the latest trends and imposing them in your application is important to stand out. Nowadays food delivery has been carried out through social networks, virtual assistants, smartwatches, etc., making it practical.

Step 2: Choosing Food Delivery model

Mapping the features, fixing USPs, framing monetization strategy is crucial for a business model. This model receives a commission of 20-30% from restaurants and delivery. You can also generate revenue from advertisements, subscription plans, etc.

Step 3: Target Market Research

Focusing on your target audience and competitors will give your app a professional quality. Selecting the market to launch the solution and analyzing market size, mobile users are your next step. After finding the niches, identify the best development model to test it with your target audience.

Step 4: Finalizing the features of food delivery services

Food delivery apps for clients, couriers, and admins are three major types of functionality and features. Each type requires a different set of features based on requirements.

For Clients: The features of this app for clients include a search engine, placing an order, payment options, delivery time estimation, order tracker, customer support, reviews, and ratings.

For Restaurants: Features such as content management, restaurant dashboard, order management, payment history are added to this type.

For Couriers: Order management and delivery status features are applied for developing an app for couriers.

Step 5: Selecting the Technology stack

Based on the business model, appropriate technologies are used to make the app unique. Some of them are:

Restaurant listing: Grubhub API, FourSquare API

Payment gateway: Square API, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal

Find user location: Core Location Framework, Google Maps

Push notifications: Amazon SNS, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Urban Airship

Step 6: Starting the Development Process

In the development process, the app is checked for effectiveness, customer-centric, and security. The design must be attractive and flexible on mobile devices too. After choosing a UI/UX design, the software development company will start creating the front and back end of the application.

The app is then tested for quality assurance and workability. It is also checked for errors and bugs before launching it to the users.

How much does it cost to develop this application?

The total amount for developing a food delivery app depends on various factors such as complexity, developer costs, number of platforms, and integrations. But still, you will get a good deal for your customized specifications from Pixbit solutions.

Developing a food delivery app requires a professional workforce, time, and resources. This app is a kind of necessity in today’s digital world. Following these guidelines will make you a successful competitor in the market. We at Pixbit use the best techniques to deliver your application with the utmost quality. Share your thoughts with our team. We assure you with the best resources and app development services.

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