As long as people use smartphones, there is always a high demand for mobile apps. The number of app downloads is to increase from 178 billion in 2017 to 258 billion by the year of 2022. When it comes to digitizing gym and fitness centers, the online gym booking app generated more than $80 billion in annual revenue in 2018 and might increase at a rate of 10.6% by 2023.

Since this pandemic, people have no option to visit the gym to get their bodies energized and recharged. A gym booking app is a life savior for individuals who struggle to maintain a healthy body. Well, in this blog, we will be dealing with what is a gym booking app and why you need it. By the end of this blog, we’ll help you by suggesting the best gym booking app development company.

More about Gym booking App:

The gym booking app which you are going to build can be of your customized models. This can be self-owned where the fitness studios have a single branch. It can also be of multiple branches and much more. This concept would be beneficial to a well-established gym with several locations. The gym booking app allows clients to plan a session at their local branch and, if necessary, reschedule it to a different branch at a later time.

Building a gym booking app has become a need in the current situation and let we will be explaining the features of gym booking app in detail. Each industry operates differently and provides various features to its clients based on the objectives. However, for a gym booking app to be useful, it must have a few basic but essential functions. Let's find out those essential functions one by one.

1. Calendar and Reservations

Allows your customers to renew memberships, manage sessions and schedules using a calendar, schedule appointments or classes.

2. Fitness Session

This allows you to register for various workout sessions. It provides both online and offline personalized training and group workouts.

3. App for Members

A personalized section of the mobile app for your members to book, join courses, check workout plans, provide comments, view diet plans, receive offers, manage their accounts, and track progress.

4. Cancellation and Rescheduling:

Customers can cancel or alter a reservation based on their preferences using this feature.

5. Payment gateway:

Online payment choices include MasterCard, PayPal, and Stripe, as well as EMI, Cash, and Pay Later alternatives.

Is it necessary to have a gym booking app?

Fitness is a new trend and so gym booking apps are growing at a better pace in the industry. Furthermore, as people become more health-conscious, the demand for fitness apps increased greatly. People who cannot get to the gym are booking online sessions through fitness apps even if the gym remains closed.

Compared to an online fitness app, offline fitness studios are having difficulty in streamlining their operations and retaining clients. Create a business page where clients can schedule appointments for gym training classes. You can list your services, such as one-on-one training and group sessions, and more.

The gym booking app allows you to handle both group classes and individual training. Since this app allows you to be flexible with timings, even the people staying at home can manage their house works along with being fit. Be it any sort of app development requirement, we, at Pixbit Solutions, will create an application designed for you that suits your specifications. If you have any queries on gym booking app development, feel free to contact our team.