The unmatched convenience increased the popularity of mobile apps for online ticket bookings. No one finds it comfortable to stand in large queues to get their tickets for movies, trains, cabs, buses, or other services. In this read, we will discuss some features to include if you consider developing a bus ticket mobile app.

Dedicated bus ticket booking apps and possibilities of digitalisation in bus ticket booking systems are gaining more attention. Passengers prefer choosing the apps over traditional queue systems to enjoy the features these apps offer. As a Mobile App development company in India, Here we listed some essential components to consider while developing a bus booking app.

Basic features to include while building a bus ticket booking app

1. Easy registration and login for passengers

Create a simple interface that allows passengers to register in the app by providing personal information. It includes adding the name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and other details without any trouble.

2. Regular updates on bus availability

The app should collect information from transport firms and feature a list of buses based on availability. With the use of a built-in filter feature in the list, passengers can narrow down their searches and pick out the bus as per their choice.

3. Real-time location tracking

The location tracking feature will display the real-time position of the bus and expected arrival time. Getting timely updates will eliminate the need for passengers to contact the bus agency to get information.

4. Representation of the seat map

This feature will display a visual representation of the available seats. With the help of this, passengers can make appropriate selections from available choices.

5. Allow passengers to share reviews and ratings of their experience

Through reviews and ratings, passengers express their thoughts and concerns regarding the app. It will be highly beneficial to update the app and improvise the service as per the customer feedback.

Benefits of Bus Booking App

  • Bus booking apps let users choose from a variety of buses
  • The app helps users to choose their preference for seats, types of bus, select the nearest pickup and drop-off locations, and select from a wide range of prices.
  • Allows live bus tracking.
  • Pay using multiple payment options
  • Ease of registration by social media logins/signups.

Cost Factors Affecting Developing a Bus Booking App

The cost of Mobile app development is determined by several factors including the region, in which the app is developed, the number of platforms for which the app is planning to launch, and whether the app will have basic features or unique advanced features that make the app stand out. Factors that affect the development of the app are;

  • App Design(Custom mobile app)
  • App Features
  • Admin Panel Features
  • Bus Operator App Features
  • Technology to be Used for Development
  • App Platform (Android, iOS, or both)
  • App Size
  • Advanced Features (Geolocation, Data Sync, AI)

Although the bus is the most popular form of transportation with millions of people using it across the country, this sector is not well organised. Developing a cutting-edge mobile app for bus ticket booking will guarantee success in this market and consistent growth of the business.