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How to build a voice chat app like Clubhouse?

In this digital world, social media is an interactive platform with a strong user base. These days, audio messages have the power to interact more with people. Clubhouse is the voice chat app that is the latest trend in the social network. The features of this app are entirely unique and help businesses to reach newer heights. If you are planning to build an audio chat app, make use of the clubhouse model and build the voice chat app with improved functionality. For those who are searching for a voice chat app or audio-based app development company, I hope this blog will help you.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a voice chat social media app that allows users to join a room and interact with each other using voice chat. You can join in the ongoing discussion with the invitation, and it makes it a unique and exclusive social media app. When users sign up, they are automatically muted, and when they participate in the conversations, they unmute themselves.

Steps to build an app like Clubhouse

Conduct market research

Do you need an app like Clubhouse? If so, look at its features, but don't copy the functionality of the same app. Make thorough market research to create a unique and purposeful app. Invest your time to analyze the competitor's app and determine how they appeal to the users. Know their strengths and weaknesses to develop a better app with a competitive edge. With proper research, you can formulate the strategies and plan accordingly to achieve success.

Know your target audience

Your app's success is based on the users. Analyze the user's market behavior and secure information like their preference, demographics, and problems. It is the best way to know your audience, and with clear insight, you can develop the app successfully with all the essential features. Also, discover the user's problem and create ideas to solve it. Develop the interactive app on the customer's persona.

Create a user-friendly and intuitive design

The app market is crowded with apps, and you need to design the app by keeping in mind the user's experience and intuitiveness. If users struggle to navigate your app, then users won't prefer the app. A visual appeal should captivate and retain app users. There are different types of audiences in the market. Striking a balance between functionality and visual appeal is tough. It is essential to build an app that is both functional and appealing to all targeted users.

Build an MVP

An MVP is a working app with all essential features to improve users' experience. Launching an MVP understands the core issues and helps develop the app with marketing appeal and full functionality. This provides the opportunity to identify features with low effort but deliver the high impacted app.


Ideally, when promoting your app, plan strategic marketing and first try out the influential personalities to try the app and share their experience with their followers. An impactful promotion will attract new users. Also, build a website and publish blogs which might be helpful for the interested target users. Use an email capture form to get the list of subscribers. This list helps you to inform the launch date of your app to the subscribers. Optimize your app listing on Google and Apple stores for better visibility.

Collect feedback

Social media is ever-evolving. Once users try out the app, getting feedback on their experience will help pinpoint the issues and areas of improvement that you need to concentrate on in the next release. Getting feedback is the long-term strategy to maintain the app.

To sum up

Clubhouse apps are more useful for the user's engagement. But, there is still room for improvement. When developing the app, add more features to diversify the user journey and offer the unmatched user experience that outperforms Clubhouse.

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