The EV market is setting new benchmarks in sales these days. Building an EV charging stations finder app is a potential idea to capitalise on a newly thriving market. This reading is about building such an app and the features you must include in monopolising this sector.

Electric Vehicles have enormous promise in the automotive and technical industries. The fundamental thing people are looking for right after purchasing an EV vehicle is the accessibility of a charging station. Entrepreneurs are interested in building the best EV charging station app to support customers and generate revenue. This aim for a win-win situation undoubtedly offers a sustainable future for your firm. Let’s look into how to develop an app from a user’s perspective and what they expect from that.

Developing an EV charging station finder App

To establish the best app for EV charging stations, you must have a clear vision and extra care to understand customers’ requirements as this concept is a newbie. Let us look at the major development phases in designing a competent EV charging stations App. 

● Thorough market research

● Finalise the app's features

● Determine the OS platforms

● Join hands with an efficient team of developers

● Comprehensive testing of the application

While in the development phase, construct the plan to deliver a charging station finder app that is simple to use. Any user regardless of their age or knowledge of the technical area can access the app if the app contains a few easy steps to locate an EV charging station. Let’s see the phases and features that help users to find a charging station.

The registration phase

Here, the EV owner enters personal details such as email address, phone number, or social account and password to register.

Find the geographic location of the EV charging station

Following registration, the app uses a location utility in the system to access the user's geographic location. Based on the user's location, the app will assist display local charging stations.

Getting details of the charging station and filter option

Users can explore nearby locations to discover important station information such as availability, pricing, descriptions, and suitable electric vehicles. Through the filter option, customers can use numerous filters to locate the right service. The filters can be used to find the best charging station considering attributes like compatibility, availability of fast/slow chargers, number of vehicles in the queue, and power level in the station.

Booking the time slot

Users can book time slots in advance based on their preferences to save time. If the user has reserved a slot through the app, the function to view the charge level and progress through the app would be a delightful addition to consider.

Payment Phase

The users can prefer the amount to be paid through the online method via the app or traditional offline payment. A top-up option in the app and app automatically determines and reduces the amount from the wallet making this app stand out among competitors.

When the EV sector is on a roll, the owners are busy locating the nearest charging station to charge their vehicle. An electric vehicle charging station locator app comes in handy in times of need. Develop a space-age application and make sure it embraces all features and needs of a customer.  Do you want to make an app that locates EV charging stations? Pixbit Solutions develops a low-cost Custom Ev Charging Station.Do you want to make an app that locates EV charging stations? Pixbit Solutions develops a low-cost Custom Ev Charging Station.