Some of the best app developers in Kerala recently developed unique fitness apps that received significant attention from users. Even before the COVID strike, healthcare was one of the first industries to adopt mobile and web apps for the enhanced patient-caregiver experience. Hence, Health and telemedicine are not new terms for anyone in and out of the healthcare industry.

The new possibilities allow patients to seek treatment conveniently and communicate with their doctors and hospitals. Likewise, the fitness industry is also developing every day. Fitness app development is a thing these days and is evolving quickly. Fitness tracking apps, online fitness coach apps, best gym booking apps, and many others are trending.

Knowing The Trends In the Fitness App Industry

Let's get a quick run-down through the latest and best trends in the fitness app industry.

As said earlier, the lockdown was indeed a boon for most of the software development companies in Dubai. Most of the best app developer took advantage of a hard time collaborating with the fitness industry.

  • Studies and surveys indicate progressive growth in the fitness app development industry

  • By 2026, the industry revenue is estimated to reach $11 billion

  • As smartphone users number grows exponentially over the years, the fitness app development industry will be ever-growing

All these facts make any fitness brand consider developing its fitness app. It also tells you that creating a fitness app is not rocket science! So, what do you need to build your fitness app? Here's the step-by-step guide for fitness brands.

How To Develop Your Fitness App?

The industry is competitive, and you need to be careful in every step to be successful.

Step 1: Understand the market and identify a platform! You first need to understand the market trends and the tastes of your target audience.

Step 2: Finalise the basic features and functionalities once your target audience is picturised. Fitness apps can have a wide range of features, depending on the specific goals and needs of the user. Some common features that you might find in a fitness app include:

  • Tracking workouts: Many fitness apps allow users to track their workouts, including the type of exercise, duration, distance, and intensity. This can help users keep track of their progress and make adjustments to their routine as needed.

  • Setting goals: Some fitness apps allow users to set specific goals, such as losing weight, increasing strength, or improving cardiovascular fitness. The app can then provide guidance and support to help the user achieve their goals.

  • Providing workouts: Some fitness apps include pre-designed workouts that users can follow, with instructions and videos to help demonstrate proper form.

  • Tracking nutrition: Some fitness apps allow users to track their food intake, including the number of calories, macronutrients (such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates), and micronutrients (such as vitamins and minerals). This can help users ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need to support their fitness goals.

  • Providing motivation: Many fitness apps include features that help keep users motivated, such as social support, rewards for meeting goals, and progress tracking.

  • Connecting to other devices: Some fitness apps can connect to other devices, such as wearable fitness trackers or smart scales, to provide a more comprehensive view of the user's overall health and fitness.

  • Providing personalized recommendations: Some fitness apps use machine learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations to users based on their goals, fitness level, and other factors. This can help users tailor their workouts and nutrition to their specific needs.

Step 3:  Once basic things are decided, you need to consider the platforms on which your app will be launched. You must consider hiring iOS, Android, and web application developers. 

Step 4: Choosing the development team is the next significant step involved. This step might put you in a dilemma since there are many best app developers in Kerala.

Step 5: Once you get the right mobile app development company, you will have to finalise the budget.

Developing your fitness app can be strategised in these five steps.

What You Need To Know About The Fitness App Development Cost

No one size fits all rule exists in the mobile app development budget, as every requirement is unique. The cost to develop a fitness app mostly depends on the time, complexity, the platform chosen, and the type of app.

A quick guide may not help if you have a great fitness app idea. A custom app development company Kerala like Pixibit Solutions can give you the right solution. As a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, we can take you on the right track to get the best output of your dreams. We can come up with fitness apps of varied and customised features according to your needs. Whether it is a fitness tracker, Gym booking app, or any that matter, contact us to get guided the right way!