Social media platforms and messaging apps have changed the way people communicate, and businesses must embrace these technologies to reach their target audiences. WhatsApp, the world's largest messaging app, has over 1.2 billion users worldwide, and businesses have used it as part of their communication solutions. However, with the company's official invitation of businesses last year, it is now being used for more than just internal communications. Business owners can now use WhatsApp to engage with customers even more due to the additional functionalities than the previous one. This time, Pixbit Solutions has come up with an interesting topic to discuss; How to use Whatsapp for business. Take a glimpse at the latest features as well as how to use WhatsApp for business.

Customer support:

Small businesses offer a wide range of services, and whether you are an electrician, a carpenter, or a computer repair technician, you can create visual content for your customers. These can be simple for tasks they can do on their own that do not require the assistance of a professional or something else. Customer service can also include live-video assistance or tutorials to help you fix something or get some advice. This will make your company a dependable resource that customers can rely on, and when they require additional services, you will be well-positioned to be the first person they contact.

Personal touch:

As your WhatsApp group grows, you can personalize your relations with customers by using one-on-one interaction. This is especially right for small businesses because it allows you to have a direct relationship with your customers, who can message you if they need a specific product, have a question, or require support. WhatsApp can be obtained through smartphone, tablet, or PC, so you can talk to your customers whenever you desire if you choose to make yourself available.

Group formation and targeting:

Your small or huge business most likely specialises in a specific product or service, and you can expand your customer base by establishing or targeting WhatsApp groups that are interested in related subjects. Participants will share video content with contacts outside the group if you start creating it and provide live support. As a result, more users will consume the content, join the group, and eventually become customers.

Unique access:

The immediate communication capability of the Status feature allows you to provide special access to happenings and send a live feed. You can start sharing this news with your viewer if you have a special guest chef in your hotel, a musician in your record store, or a reputed architect in your organisation.


You can hold weekly, monthly, or even daily giveaways to increase foot traffic to your store or site visitors. Because WhatsApp and Status are free, the only cost of such promotions is the promotional goods or services you provide, significantly reducing the cost of any marketing venture.

Allocate promotional codes and flash sales:

You can now make unique promotional codes that your clients can exchange to redeem your business using the new Status feature. Status can notify everyone in your group about current promotions by using the immediate photo and location feature, and this could be a two-hour flash sale or a one-day special to generate traffic and buzz. You can broaden the advancement with WhatsApp-Status exclusive coupons or promotions based on interaction levels.

Demonstrate your product:

WhatsApp stories are extremely useful for representing product demos. Furthermore, creating a YouTube video and sending a video link would be an equally good option for providing a comprehensive demo. 

End line

WhatsApp is an extremely effective communication tool. Because of its simplicity, it has grown in popularity. Aside from personal communication, WhatsApp can be used for business in various ways, as mentioned above. Thus, it is inexpensive, and you can get started quickly. To know the latest tech features and updates, do follow the blogs offered by Pixbit Solutions.