Building a successful career is a dream of everyone. A degree certificate may not be enough to secure an aspiring graduate-level job offer. Keeping this in mind, IGNITE a Government of Kerala initiative all set to offer internship opportunities to fresh graduates. Let’s know more about IGNITE Internship Programme through this reading.

Often companies prefer experienced candidates to work with them because of increasing projects and time constraints. The IGNITE Internship Programme provided through Kerala IT Parks, the collaborative unit of Technopark, Infopark, and Cyberpark, will make students industry ready and overshadow the challenges facing them during their learning curve.

The government will provide the interns with a monthly stipend of up to 5,000, and the companies will contribute the same amount for the duration of the six-month programme. More than 300 companies joined this initiative and offered internships to reduce the drought of skilled fresh graduates in various industries.

Features of IGNITE Internship Programme

The demand for employees is growing exponentially in this rapidly developing tech industry. Students can now differentiate themselves in the job market by securing internships. This prior industry experience is crucial which assists students in surviving today’s workspace culture with the latest technologies. Let’s go through some of the features of this program.

Skill development

In the first phase, 1,500 aspirants would be provided internships in companies starting in August. The IGNITE programme targets to offer skill training to 5,000 graduates by 2023. Here, they will learn technical skills and how to apply academic knowledge practically in the real world. Their internship experience includes crucial elements in an industry such as teamwork, time management, workplace dynamics, and communication. Through this, aspirants will be in a better position to choose the professional path they want to follow.

Industry Exposure

The biggest advantage of IGNITE Internship Program is the exposure to various industries gained via experience. By commencing professional careers early, graduates can develop self-awareness and holistic development. An internship program for a fresher serves as a stepping stone into the working world and professional development. The process teaches them how to handle different circumstances, and demonstrates how they can tackle these challenges.

Mentorship and Networking opportunities

During the internship, graduates will meet many people. They work with colleagues, managers, human resources, and even clients. Self-branding is crucial for freshers if they are looking for a permanent job and this networking will enhance their chances of getting better opportunities.

Mentors in each company are ideal to support a graduate since they have the expertise to help through challenging professional situations while also serving as a longer-term resource for general career guidance.

Make resume stand out:

Internships significantly strengthen a freshers resume. Just like work experience, Internships also strengthen a CV and a strong educational background. A comprehensive resume presents a graduate well in the market and immensely helps while applying for full-time positions.

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