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How much does it Cost to Develop a Job Portal App?

These days, finding a job is not very easy. Over the years, digitization has lightened every sector, including the recruitment industry. With the help of technology, every business flourishes and moves towards success. Gone are the days when companies advertised in the newspaper to fill out the job openings, and people felt hustled to apply. Now, apps made the recruitment process easy. Everyone is going digital to search for jobs as well as finding the right people for the jobs. In these changing times, portals play a significant role in the recruitment sector. This increased the demand for job portal apps. If you are a recruitment portal, then create a job portal app with the necessary features. Here let us discuss how much a job portal app costs.

Must-have Features in the job portal app

When developing the job portal app, it is necessary to include the important features to make the search easy. For job portal features, you must ask the app development company.

  • Registration
  • Advanced Filters
  • Create a CV
  • Save Jobs
  • Job Alerts
  • Apply for the Job
  • Profile Creation
  • Save Candidates Profiles
  • Payment Integration
  • Contact option
  • In-app calling
  • Job posting
  • Security

These are some necessary features that every job portal app should have. If you want to integrate these features into your app, you must be prudent in your choice while choosing the job portal development company.

How much does a Job Portal App Cost?

Calculating an exact amount to develop the job portal app is not easy, as it depends on too many factors to determine the cost. The overall job portal app development cost includes the features you include, app complexity, job portal design, and development time. However, to have a clear insight about the cost, here have explained what factors affect the cost.

1. Type of application

The type of application will determine the cost of the app. There are two types of application, native app development or cross-platform app development. When you compare the cost, native app development is a little bit costlier than cross-platform app development. Cross-platform app development works on a single code base and is portable where the developed app runs on multiple platforms. While in native app development, developed apps are OS-specific. Also, the cost of job portal app development depends on whether you are looking for a mobile application or a web app that runs on a desktop.

2. The Design

Everyone knows that a good website design will help businesses to connect with their users. Be it an app or website, and it is important to hire a skilled and proficient UI/UX designer for your app development. The cost will depend upon the kind of design you choose. If you plan to go with a simple and pretty design, it costs you less than the advanced designs.

3. Complexity

Not all apps are developed in equal time. Features and plugins you integrate will increase or decrease the cost. A simple job portal app with the basic features will take less time than advanced features and customized animations.

4. Team size

Generally, the number of people working on the project will determine the app development cost. The app development team includes:

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • QA and Testers

5. Maintenance and updates

As with the changing needs, job portal app development involves ongoing maintenance costs. You should allocate some part of your total budget for the maintenance and updates. Having a features app with improved functionality will make the user stay with your job portal app.

Wrapping it up

Job portals are an important need for today to make the search process easier. If you want to develop a more successful app with the necessary features, hire a development company with extensive experience. They are capable of bringing your imagination into reality. However, the cost is an essential factor to consider while developing the app. So before starting developing the app, inform your app development company about your budget and the features you want to include. I hope, with this guide, you have understood how the cost is determined.

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