By now we know the saying “every company is a software company” all too well. But scaling and delivering quality software is, in short, hard. The complexity of software development continues to increase as technology stacks change and new cloud services keep appearing.

The integration of new technologies in software development in accordance with customer requirements are key indicators of where tech talents and companies should focus their efforts. Every year there are new trends in software development and IT careers - standing still is not an option. Conversely, being at the forefront of current software development trends is the only way to stay ahead of the competition and meet your customers' needs.

Focus on the cloud

Past two years, which we call the pandemic era, have witnessed ups and downs in the graph of cloud services. We have seen some industries grow while some shatter during this time. As per the trends and data, more companies are opting for cloud and cloud architects based operations. Hence, the demand for cloud services is on the rise.     

The rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence is no more a new term for the world. More and more industries are trying to integrate and make the best use of AI potentials. Natural language processing (NLP) is an area of main interest when talking about artificial intelligence. It lets computers write software programs and text. With the rise of AI, computers will take more human roles and software engineers are expected to program machines to do things the right way.    

A wave of low-code/no-code development

LCNC programming or the low-code/ no-code programming is a new possibility that companies are running behind. This is due to the increasing demand for software engineers and their lesser availability. LCNC development lets people with no development training to create applications and databases that support agile processes. This trend is getting more common and is expected to expand in 2022 as well.  

The Advance of Python and JavaScript

Python, JavaScript and those categories of easy to learn programming languages are getting popular these days. Both Python and JavaScript are the trending programming languages these days. Since the data science field is getting widely accepted, Python is in the limelight among the data engineers and scientists. On the other hand, JavaScript gains popularity among the beginners.  

Advances in the use of modern languages

Development languages these days are capable of meeting the requisites of present software developers. Languages ​​like Rust, Go, and Kotlin are growing in popularity due to features like type inference, null-safety, expressiveness, and conciseness. As per experts prediction, Rust will be a leap forward in 2022. Both Microsoft and Amazon are about to invest in Rust.

This year and the upcoming years would witness many possibilities and transformations in technologies and the industry with all these latest software development trends. They are expected to bring forth remarkable results and growth for the IT industry. More companies are embracing digital acceleration and coming up with more creative ways to make use of technology aiming at socio-economic and customer satisfaction. 

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