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Step by Step Guide for Building a Matrimony App

People nowadays are very curious to get everything online, right from their daily needs to branded commodities, thanks to technological advancements. While people get everything from their comfort zone, why can’t they find a perfect partner through an online application? Yes, we are talking about online matrimonial apps.

Presently, the matrimony industry is grabbing the investor’s attention and so the future will be highly beneficial for this industry with the emergence of mobile apps.

Gone are the days when people found their suitable matches through agents. Developing a Matrimony app will help your customers find their life partners by simply registering in your application.

The matrimonial software has huge scope as it allows users to browse multiple profiles at once. Building a Matrimony app involves some steps which Pixbit Solutions has made simpler for you.

Benefits of Matrimony Apps

1. A wide-ranging search

Matrimony apps make it easier to explore through different communities and cultural groups.

2. Easy Access

All of the registered profiles are accessible in a simple and transparent manner.

3. Economical

Matrimonial apps are both time and cost effective.

4. Customized results

There is the option of selecting preferences under various categories.

5. Safe and Secure

All your profile information is securely recorded on matrimony apps. They ensure high-end privacy.

Step 1:

The first step is to figure out your objective and purpose. Make sure your app will solve people’s problems of finding their ideal partner. Also, calculate your income goals before building your app.

Step 2:

Planning your functionality features is your second step. List down all essentials to be added to your matrimony app. These include sign-ups, logins, add profile, membership, payment gateway, push notifications, etc. For an advanced level, add geo-location, privacy, blocking, bio-data generator, security, etc., sections.

Step 3:

Doing market research is the most important step while building a matrimony app. Recognize your target users. They may be unmarried people, widows or divorced, etc. Also, search for other matrimony apps and collect their drawbacks. You can bring them to your app and make it unique. Here are a few app links that will be useful for your research.


Step 4:

Now, the next step is designing your app i.e., combining various blocks using Wire-framing. This is the visual representation of your app’s layout based on the activities performed by your users. It will act as a bridge between your random ideas and final output. Create multiple app screens for a single task to test which suits best for your people.

Step 5:

Here is where you must choose a platform and coding language for building a matrimony app. These are some technologies for developing a matrimony app:

Smartphone: Android or iOS

Push Notifications: Twilio,

SMS and Voice: Nexmo, Twilio

Backend: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

Payments: Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, E-Wallets, Net Banking, and Cards

Database: MongoDB, H-base, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration

Cloud Environment: AWS, Google, Azure

Real-time Analytics: Hadoop, Spark, Big Data, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

Step 6:

Developing your app is the next crucial step. Setting up a landing page and providing one input field is very important. Avoid using unnecessary elements that slow down the user’s experience. Also, over-using push notifications and switching between multiple fields make your users uninstall the app. Consider the size, data structure, speed, scalability, safety while choosing the database for your matrimony app.

Check for bugs and test your app for user’s performance. After testing, launch your app at the respective app stores like Play Store or App Store. If you want to build a cost-effective and customized app, get in touch with us. We offer nothing less than the best on-demand matrimony app development services globally. You share your thoughts with us. We help you build your dream mobile app.

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