In recent years, the on-demand economy is showing rapid growth in the market. More than 22.4 million customers are using on-demand services and it’s going to bloom in the future.

By 2022, the global market for laundry services is to grow at a rate of 10.9%, reaching a value of approximately 180 billion dollars.

On-demand Laundry Apps have benefits that include enhancing comfort, provides services in almost all locations, promotes safety, and generates revenue. On-demand laundry services are growing popular because they eliminate the hassle of washing heavy laundry.  In this blog, we Pixbit Solutions will be delivering a complete guide on on-demand laundry app development.

How does this App function?

On-demand Laundry App has three main stakeholders-Customers, Launderer and Deliveryman. Following are the steps involved in the Laundry App process.

  • Customers place an order for laundry using an app.

  • The delivery person collects the laundry from customers and gives them to the launderer.

  • The launderer washes the clothes, iron them, and sends them to the delivery person.

  • The delivery boy takes laundry from the launderer and provides them back to the customers on time.

Customer profiles with personal information such as complete name, address, and phone number are included in the customer interface. Customers get access to the following features in the app:

Register and log in

  • Select the desired service and fill in the blanks (fabric, detergent preferences, clothes types, etc.)

  • Pickup and delivery times can be scheduled.

  • Follow the progress of your order and receive notifications.

  • Review the service's history and write a review.

When a customer places an order, it is sent to the delivery department. Employees can use this app after getting information to:

  • Verify the orders

  • Set up order tracking and update the status as appropriate.

  • Make a route for pickups and deliveries that is convenient for you.

On the laundryman's side, there's also the administrative job to consider. The admin panel, which consolidates the following processes, manages them all.

  • History of order

  • Client and worker information

  • Dashboard with a map and calendar (Statistics and analytics)

Technologies used for Laundry App Development

To create an on-demand laundry app, Android and iOS app development businesses use different technologies. An iOS app uses Swift and Objective C, whereas Android app development is done with Kotlin or Java. APIs are built using a variety of computer languages, including PHP, .NET, and Java.

According to the project needs, the mobile app development business can integrate MySQL, MongoDB, or MsSQL databases. Twilio is used to send notifications to users.

Cost for building Laundry App

The cost of developing a laundry app is determined by platform choices, design standards, and the app's complexity.

One of the great start-up ideas is an Android app development that provides on-demand laundry services. Who can say no to having clean clothes delivered to their home without having to dip their hands in the washing machine? Customers will be drawn to this new on-demand service because it is a time-saving innovation. If you want to develop an on-demand app like this, Pixbit Solutions is here to serve you the best. While the entire world is getting smarter day by day, why don't you make your business even smarter? If you have a laundry business and is stuck between whether to expand it digitally or not, we have the perfect solution. Talk to our app development team and develop your dream laundry app.