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On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development: Features & Cost

These days, the tremendous technological advancement and the reach of the internet to the people have led to the use of various mobile apps for daily tasks. Now, taxi booking apps are easily available in the app store, making it easier to commute with people. On the app stores, there are various featured taxi booking applications. There is always a better scope for a newer app with the essential features. Here look at the features and costs of the on-demand taxi booking app.

What is a taxi booking on-demand mobile app?

In recent days, availing of taxi services is easy with the invention of the app. When you visit the app store, you may see a different on-demand taxi booking app with advanced features. If you want to build a user-friendly app with lured functionality, it is best to leave it to the mobile app development company. A large percentage of people are dependent on mobile phones. With just one click, you can easily book the car. Users can compare the fares of the car and can book their choice.

What features should be added to the taxi booking app?

For passengers panel

  • Social Login
  • Push notifications & SMS alerts
  • On-demand taxi booking
  • Create and manage profile
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • View rates and cab options
  • View estimated waiting time for taxi arrival
  • Flexible billing system and payment options
  • Rating and feedback to drivers
  • Pay via in-app currency
  • View booking history
  • Schedule booking
  • Auto-generated bill

For Driver Panel

  • Update availability
  • Push notifications
  • Accept/Deny riders booking requests
  • Live map navigation
  • View trip routes
  • In-app calls and chat service with customers
  • Automated fare calculation
  • Views reviews and ratings
  • Accept online/offline payments

For Admin Panel

  • View/Manage drivers
  • View trip routes
  • Track cabs
  • Manage rate and surge prices
  • Manage the geo-location boundary
  • Manage cab scheduling and availability
  • Manage discounts and offers
  • View/Manage feedback and reviews for drivers
  • Generate daily reports for transaction and revenue

Add advanced features to stay ahead of the competition

Social login and sign-ups:

It helps the customers to easily sign up for your app using the existing social media accounts.

Push notifications:

When users book the car, they get a notification that the cab arrived at the location. Also, the new offers or discounts are notified to the customers.

Real-time analytics:

It helps the app owners to know the number of taxis in service and the zonal positions. This feature also helps to know who is booking through it.

Driver queue algorithm:

This feature is best in assisting taxi service owners to know the number of taxis available in one place. When users try to book a cab, they can book the taxi in proximity.

Heat map generation:

This feature helps determine the busiest time of specified location for aware drivers so that they can reach the customers accordingly.

Real-time tracking:

This is the very essential feature that helps to know the precise locations of the customers and drivers. Also, it helps to locate the nearest taxi along with tracking the route easily.

Panic button:

This feature enhances the app security and helps the riders and drivers contact the first responder quickly if anything goes wrong during the trip.

Smartwatch access:

With the invention of technology, the smartwatch takes convenience. In the smartwatch, you can easily access the taxi booking, tracking driver, and fare estimation.

In-app calling:

This feature helps customers to make free calls to their particular driver within the mobile app.

In-app chat:

In-app chat helps the drivers and riders to send a thumb up to a reply quickly.

Number masking:

This feature helps to seamlessly communicate between the driver and riders without giving their original phone number.


When it comes to on-demand taxi booking app development, the cost depends on the features that you incorporate into the app. Also, the cost will depend on the service provider.

Wrapping it up

People rely on user-friendly and best-featured apps. If you want the best-featured app for your taxi business, partner with a reliable mobile app development company that suits your app requirements and budget. Develop the best app and enhance your business functionality and ROI. Being one of the finest app development companies, Pixbit Solutions has proved its excellence in delivering nothing less than the best IT solutions. Contact our team and share your thoughts on your dream business.

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