With the advent of the latest technologies, streaming via OTT apps has become the popular mode of video consumption. Viewers got the freedom to watch content as per their choice is the most captivating feature of OTT streaming. This reading is a complete guide on building a world-class OTT app if you foresee your success in streaming apps.

In recent years OTT apps are shown a new dimension to the entertainment business. These apps provide video streaming services that can be accessed through mobile phones, televisions, and computer systems. The convenience of watching favourite content at competitive pricing is the sole reason for the rising popularity and demand for OTT apps online. 

The following aspects should be addressed during the building phase of an OTT app.

Deciding requirements for the app’s technology stack

While considering OTT app development, the first thing to determine is the technological stack. This includes selecting the appropriate server, streaming protocol, and security mechanisms. An experienced OTT app development service helps you to design your app as per your needs and makes the right decision to get the most out of your money.

Cost of building

The development cost of a video streaming app is determined by various factors including the size of the app, features to incorporate and the platforms to launch the app.

Monetization strategy

You can go for several monetization techniques to get the best results. The majority of OTT services generate revenue through premium subscription schemes and branding. Planning your monetization approach well advanced will determine the future of your app.

No matter what is your budget or size, make sure your OTT app comes with the following built-in features. 

User Registration and Login

Profile login/registration is a fundamental feature of any streaming platform. Registration and login interface is the first step in the entire OTT app development cycle. Profile management serves as a medium for users to configure various settings to enjoy a personalised viewing experience and access the streaming content on the platform.

Integrated Video Player

Any streaming platform would be incomplete without an integrated video player. Viewers can control a variety of options such as streaming quality, screen resolution, volume, and playing speed using the video player. 

Different Payment Gateways

A simple and accessible payment gateway is a must-have feature in your OTT application. The customers should be able to pay their subscription fees via multiple payment options. Auto-renewal function is a good addition that helps users to stick with your app as long-term customers.

Content search and watchlist

It is recommended to include the 'Watchlist' option in your app. Viewers can add their favourite shows to a customised playlist and watch them when they want using a watchlist. 

A platform-wide content search is a vital characteristic of an OTT platform. A dedicated content search bar will allow users to discover desired content without browsing the full media collection. 

Offline download feature

Due to a lot of geographical factors and reliability issues on the network, your viewers cannot stay connected to the internet always. The offline download feature enables them to save content and watch it whenever they want even if they are facing limitations of internet connection. This feature helps the audience stream content without buffering and enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience.

The business of all OTT apps in this market is quickly expanding. Global OTT revenue hits records and is predicted to achieve more than double in the coming five years. Can’t ignore the fact that the pandemic has boosted the growth even faster. This is the right moment to launch your OTT video streaming app and grow your business through user-friendly subscription plans and ad revenues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are OTT Apps?

OTT stands for “over the top” and delivers audio/video or live content over the Internet to your smartphone, tablet or smart TV.

Why do people choose OTT?

OTT platforms deliver content such as movies, web series, and live content over the Internet and enable users to access and watch content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

How is OTT better than TV?

With OTT, you can pay for an ad-free subscription, which allows you to watch content ad-free, and users can stream content anywhere, anytime—a huge advantage over traditional TV programming.