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Blogs > What is the Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development?

What is the Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development?

Statistics show that 100 million people have started using mobile phones in 2020 and 52% of the world’s total population are mobile users. By viewing these statistics, it is clear that mobile phones are expanding their authority over human beings. Considering this as an opportunity, businesses are expanding their presence in the digital platforms. Be it a small company or a large enterprise, the majority of businesses now has a mobile app or a website. In the last few years, for most of the businesses, the IT industry was mainly concentrating on accomplishing digital presence for the business industry. Simply having software won’t be enough. It should be maintained in a well-secured manner. Most of the app development companies fail in focusing on code quality, app security, maintainability, and development costs.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing one of the coolest software practices that can resolve the above-mentioned issue DevOps.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software engineering method that mainly focuses on combining software Development and software Operations. The main feature of DevOps is to strongly support automation and monitoring at all stages of software program development, from integration to testing, from release to deployment, and infrastructure management. DevOps targets at shorter development cycles, elevated deployment frequency, extra reliable releases, in close alignment with enterprise objectives. It is a known fact that the traditional methods used for software development result in extra development costs and time which finally leads to customer dissatisfaction. The DevOps strategy helps in reducing the distance between operations and development leading to resolve all the difficulties related to constant software development.

How is DevOps related to Mobile App Development?

When it comes to app development companies, DevOps is an effective practice to rely on. Though DevOps is not an easy process at the beginning, a well-ordered approach makes the entire app development procedure smooth and simple.

Benefits of DevOps in Mobile App Development

While we are developing a software application for our business, one of the major things to keep in our mind is to deliver a great user experience. Let’ check out what are the important benefits of having DevOps in mobile app development.

Continuous monitoring and testing of Mobile Apps

Since there are numerous OS versions, it’s now no longer viable to check all versions manually. However, most mobile app testing is manually performed on simulators instead of real gadgets. In the manual testing process, a mobile app may work nicely in the course of the testing period, however, it does not imply that it's not going to experience failure in the live environment. The elements liable for its failure might also additionally comprise power, network conditions, memory, etc. Hence, to get rid of such sort of problems, each developer and company must monitor constantly through third-party SDKs for crash reports, log reports, and more to discover the cause behind the failure.

Maintains the quality Software Development Process

DevOps enables to maintain the quality of the app development process as it can monitor all elements of the code from beginning to delivery while considering corrections which are included in between. For further app performances, ratings, and feedback on it are important. DevOps facilitates to resolve bugs and updates for future modifications and improvements. DevOps is beneficial in improving the software improvement process. And the main component is that it is taking care of various factors of software development thinking about the whole structure. This enables to manage the quality of software building, profitable monitoring, efficient cooperation, and the entire fulfilment of the app.

Avoids the process delays

DevOps saves time, enables to make the whole software development method transparent, and enhances higher communication amongst distinctive teams. Moreover, it facilitates the creation of better apps. It even enables to ignore varieties of process delays such as;

  • Inconsistency in workflow
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of ownership
  • Manual testing procedure
  • Unstable development procedure

Develops better apps

DevOps enables creating healthy and reliable apps that cause a great user experience. You should always remember that the user experience is one of the most crucial elements for the accomplishment of any business. DevOps enables instant reporting and feedback, clear development procedure, and regression testing, that are extraordinarily effective for faster solutions, elimination of errors, and UX optimization.

Makes the Software Release Faster

DevOps helps save app development time as it enhances cooperation between the various teams and departments involved in specific software development, makes the entire communication process transparent, which leads to data exchange which ultimately involves faster release time. DevOps is extremely beneficial for improving the software development process and meeting your business goals.

Going through the above-discussed advantages of DevOps, it is clear that considering DevOps for the mobile app development process will enhance the overall functionality and the quality of the applications you deliver. This is why most of the mobile app development companies opt for DevOps - highly recommended software practice for better mobile app development and better future functionality of the app. If you are a business owner or an enterprise handler or individual planning to have a mobile application for your venture, consider the importance of DevOps and look for the mobile app development company that prefer DevOps in their development procedures. Pixbit Solutions is one of the most trusted mobile app development companies in India with the finest team of software developers that implement technologies such as DevOps. Pixbit Solutions is the leading software development company in India that offers finest software solutions. Choose nothing less but the best app development agency for your dream project.

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