Stepping out of your home has become very difficult nowadays due to this pandemic situation. Visiting hospitals is even scary. But a medical emergency is one thing that is unavoidable.

Only then, Telemedicine Apps come as a savior. Traditional healthcare systems are being revolutionized by telemedicine apps. The top telemedicine apps can help you save time that you could spend taking care of yourself rather than going to a health centre. Medicine applications have improved connections in the healthcare sector, in such a way that you will have an around-the-clock access to a doctor. You can have an appointment with the doctor of your choice and get your doubts cleared at any time and from anywhere. To make your job easier, we are going to highlight the top 10 telemedicine apps that will serve you 24*7.

1.Doctor on Demand:

In the United States, this start-up is continuously enhancing healthcare solutions. Doctors on Demand provide services round the clock and also helps in giving preventive care. You can talk to an experienced professional about your symptoms and get treatment and prescriptions directly.

2.MD Live:

Medical disorders such as sinus infections, colds and flu, and headaches, as well as dermatological conditions such as acne and eczema, and psychiatry can all be discussed with a physician through MD Live. The doctors available in this popular telemedicine app have 15+ years of experience and the cost of treatment will be charged accordingly.


You can acquire medicines and treatments for a variety of chronic and non-emergency diseases through Plush Care. Choose an appointment time, provide any insurance information, and then connect to the professional easily. If you want to consult only doctors from top Colleges, then Plush Care is your best choice over other telemedicine apps.


This App helps you to connect with your doctor through video calls after filling your questionnaire form. You can also get prescriptions from your doctor for simple issues like acne, depression, sinus, etc. Lemonaid is budget-friendly since it offers you free delivery of medicines.


Amwell is the best-designed on-demand telemedicine app that provides 24*7 services to people. This app keeps records of all patient and medical-care provider conversations and makes them easily accessible to both.


For families, Dialogue is a good option because you can easily add dependents to your account using this healthcare app - Dialogue. That is the major feature of this app that allows you to cover the entire family with ease.


This healthcare app helps you with loads of questions answered by their doctors. You will find solutions for your problem from that itself. If not, HealthTap also acts as a great symptom checker tool. You can consult doctors at any time and get medications.

8.Simple Contacts:

Forget about visiting the optical store at this time. This telemedicine app allows you to perform a contact redness test and a contact vision test through your phone. It simplifies and streamlines the process of replacing contact lenses from the comfort of your home.


This app is specially made for dental problems. Once you book an appointment, these doctors treat you either through video call or visit your home directly. This app guides you to the doctors nearby so that they can reach you within 15 minutes.

10.Live Health:

Live Health is the one healthcare app that takes you to a healthcare professional with less time. You can get doctors to treat mild issues from flu, bronchitis, allergies, etc. Also, this app includes licensed physicians, breastfeeding consultants, qualified dieticians, and other experts.

Due to the advancements in Telemedicine,, doctors can easily connect with their patients and are able to treat their issues thus bridging the gap between them. Thanks for the innovation! Well, now you are familiar with the top 10 telemedicine apps. A digital transformation is happening to the present generation and it is a smart move to go for telemedicine applications. Considering this scenario, for all the business people out there, with an idea on developing on-demand telemedicine applications, Pixbit Solutions welcomes you. Being the No.1 app development company that offers the best team of app developers and designers, we assure nothing less than the best softwares.

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