The design world is getting updated at a rapid pace. Talking about the app UI trends, what we saw in 2020 has changed and is now even smarter. The preferences of the users have been changed and this surely is one of the leading factors for the fresh look of UI designs. While all the UI designers are in search of the latest app UI design trends in 2021 the users would love to have, we thought of sharing some thoughts on the same this time. Well, let’s see the top 5 app UI design trends of 2021.

In the previous year ie., 2020, the hype was on bold typography, dark mode, storytelling, augmented reality, virtual reality. Those have turned out to be normal now, haven't they? So what’s special in 2021? Before getting into them in detail, the latest app UI trends will be considered based on the factors such as mobile-first indexing, page speed, and of course relatable to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Glassmorphism
  • Retro- Inspiration
  • Soft Gradients
  • Micro Interaction
  • 3D Experience



For the people who are confused with the term Glassmorphism, it is nothing but the unified term for the famous Frosted Glass aesthetic. It enhances the light or dark items, placed above the colorful backgrounds giving a frosted-glass look. Earlier we were able to see this feature in iOS 7 or Windows Vista but this year onwards, Glassmorphism is going to be a star and will be everywhere. The neomorphic objects we use may deliver a great visual experience but the user experience it delivered was considered poor. This has even gained much attention to Glassmorphism.

Retro- Inspiration


To deliver an individual and unique experience to the mobile app, rather than going with the digital appearance, choosing something rare and retro elevates the entire UI design part to a new level. Modern is better is no longer the motto after all. In 2021, people are looking for variations - a classy upgrade. Portraying an authentic feel digitally makes it even trendy.

Soft Gradients & Minimalism

In this present generation, where minimalism has a great role, rather than going for solid colors, designers are opting for soft gradients. The idea behind choosing soft gradients is obviously from the flat design used in web apps. To give more depth and intense feeling to the designs, ruling out the intense colors is a smart move. Now that talking about minimalistic designs, love for minimalism won’t end in the upcoming years. Wondering why? Well, the complexities that come up with the features in the mobile apps, are handled smoothly with the minimalistic UI design. Simplicity. Clarity. Expressive. These are the 3 major features we expect from a minimalistic design.

Micro Interaction

As the mobile app possesses complex features and functionalities, the micro-interactions delivered by the app UI not just enhance the appearance but elevates the entire user experience. These micro-interactions won’t be great when delivered normally but will be awesome when mixed with the user's action triggers. These even help improve the overall user experience.

3D Experience

What more 2021 can ask for when it comes to app UI design trends? Without any doubt, we can say that 3D experience is the highlight among them. In this hi-tech generation, where people prefer realistic experiences, 3D designs truly show complete justification in delivering a better user experience. The textures, lighting, and shadows render users an experience closer to the real world. One of the trending technologies Augmented Reality requires 3D designing techniques not as an option but as a mandatory requirement.

The latest app UI trends in 2021 are not limited to these above-mentioned 5 features all alone. Well, as a designer, you should be up to date in your area of expertise and should be aware of the latest trends as well. Skills alone won’t make you a good designer. Similarly, designing a mobile app in a normal fashion seriously affects its usage and that’s why UI and UX have a major role when it comes to mobile applications. If you have a mobile idea and don’t know how to execute its features with a trending and classy app design, do contact the finest mobile app design and development company - Pixbit Solutions. We possess top-notch web app designers who are both skilled and have updated knowledge in UI/UX trends.

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