Blockchain technology is a mechanism of accounting for cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain has so many other potential applications yet to explore. In this reading, let’s go through 7 android applications that use blockchain technology. 

The best use of blockchain application for you is determined by your requirements. If you want to trade a variety of digital currencies, select a blockchain application that allows you to do so. In addition to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has several uses in many fields. The increase in efficiency of every business is expected since the digital ledgers of block technology enable safe record-keeping across various locations and users with minimum reconciliation.

Let’s look into some of the applications of blockchain technology that android apps can ensure.

  • Fraud prevention through ubiquitous information sharing
  • Management of investment
  • Functional digital asset tracking
  • Quick transaction time
  • Traceability and transparency

Even though blockchain technology is new, there are numerous applications already available on the Google Play Store. Let’s see some of them.

Top 7 Blockchain Apps for Android Users: 


eToro is considered the finest cryptocurrency app that uses blockchain technology. You will be utilizing a brokerage business regulated by financial organizations to trade on through this app.

You may access a large variety of markets by installing the eToro app, which is completely compatible with Android smartphones. 


Binance is for active traders looking for a crypto app with a plethora of low-cost marketplaces. Every day, this popular trading app facilitates billions of dollars across several crypto pairings. The Binance app is available on Android smartphones and is free to download. The fees for financing your account differ based on your country of residency.


Webull is a prominent cryptocurrency trading app as well as the opportunity to deal with stock options. The Webull app allows you to purchase and trade digital currencies at no charge.  This app attracts customers who are just getting started in cryptocurrency trading with low investment. In terms of usability, the Webull app has been extensively optimized for Android platforms.


If you are a seasoned trader who frequently invests significant quantities of money, Gemini may be the ideal crypto android app for you.  When you download this top-rated cryptocurrency exchange app on your android phone, you will gain institutional-grade security as well as a variety of insurance plans. Due to this, large Investors always prefer to trade on Gemini.


Coinbase is one of the finest cryptocurrency android apps for beginners. The developers made the UI of Coinbase extremely user-friendly to help new traders learn about the operations and trade on cryptocurrency.


CoinDCX is another smooth, adaptable, and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading app. Over 4 million Indian users are trading in CoinDCX. The app supports around 200 crypto tokens for trading.


Kraken is another worldwide crypto trading app based in the United States with an excellent android system interface. This app includes capabilities for trading, shipping, and monitoring your crypto assets. They also provide the Kraken Pro app for users who want more advanced services of trading.

Blockchain application development recently made headlines for its increasing demand. Blockchain is originally developed to power Bitcoin, yet, the wide range of possibilities of blockchain is yet not effectively capitalized to revolutionize technology. The world is eagerly waiting for developers to make Blockchain pioneering this field.Contact us if you have any questions about developing blockchain applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology allows for transparent information sharing in a business network. Blockchain databases store data in blocks, which are linked in a chain. Because you can't delete or modify the chains without consensus from the network, the data is chronologically consistent. Blockchain technology can be used to create an immutable and unalterable ledger that tracks orders, payments, and other transactions.

Why is blockchain important?

Traditional database technology presents many challenges when it comes to recording financial transactions. Consider the sale of the property. After the money has been exchanged, the property becomes the property's owner. Each buyer and seller can each record the monetary transactions individually, but neither can be trusted. The seller and buyer can claim that they have not received the money but can also argue that they have paid it. Trusted third parties must validate and supervise transactions to avoid legal problems.

What businesses use blockchain?

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology that is being used in an innovative way by many industries. Different industries include energy, finance,  Media and entertainment, Retail etc.