Messaging technology has reinforced its status as a popular mode of communication since its launch. A handful of competitors dominate in this market by offering ultimate features and utilities. Snapchat is one such app that focuses on continually expanding technology and incorporating consumer requirements.

A multimedia messaging app with cutting-edge technology always gets acceptance in the mobile application market. Snapchat already set a benchmark and here are the top features you must go with to launch an aspiring mobile app to challenge other contenders in the market.

Voice and Video call

The call is one of the most important attributes in the Snapchat features list that creates a network between app users. Making voice or video calls to Snapchat friends can help end users stay connected all around the world. Users will stick with the app and consider it a reliable source of communication if calls are trouble-free.


Snapchat heavily depends on AI-based face tracking and imaging technology. Snapchat filters create special effects on snaps. This helps the user to enhance the entire look and feel of images. You can add similar filters to your app which improves interaction with the audience.


Chat is Snapchat's answer to instant messaging for private or group conversations. Like all other chat applications, this function in Snapchat allows people to send a message when they are unable to speak. Users who prefer privacy always look for the traditional chat field with up-to-date options.


Snapchat Stories are snaps that people share with other Snapchat friends. Stories are kept on the app for 24 hours before they are erased. Users intend to spend more time on functions like stories that make your app popular.


Augmented reality is the heart and soul of the Lenses feature on Snapchat used to enhance photos and videos with 3D special effects. Follow the path of Snapchat in adding futuristic properties with the support of AI and bring out the best results from the app.


Memories are snaps and stories that users keep for later viewing instead of disappearing after a short period. They consider the Memories on Snapchat as their albums that they can access at any time.


Emojis are a common attribute for all messaging apps to make communications easier. Users can see a list of emojis and choose the one apt to the situation on Snapchat. When developing a messaging app, make sure that you set an abundance of advanced emoji replies.


When a user turns on location in Snapchat and enables the Geofilter option, the app will immediately activate region-specific filters. This brings a new level of experience only Snapchat can deliver. These kinds of filters are imperative in the app you are going to build.


A Snapstreak is the number of days in a row a user and friend share snaps. This is a very unique aspect of Snapchat which strengthens the network between users and their app usage time.

Snap Map

Snap Map displays the locations of users on Snapchat. Users can watch snaps and news uploaded to the snap map from across the world. This is another must-have factor that you can consider while developing an application.

Developing messaging apps like Snapchat is a responsible process. Integrating contemporary features with the support of a team of skilled developers can pull off a lucrative app that can be a potential alternative for Snapchat.If you are developing a messaging app, please contact our sales representative. Simply fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.