With almost four million apps to be handled within the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store as a competition. Customers have masses of alternatives and increased shopping, health, entertainment, productivity, different services and even finances. As increasingly apps turn out to be had at the market, it's more essential than ever for small enterprise proprietors and entrepreneurs to create advertising techniques particular to their mobile apps. All it takes is a chunk of attraction on your app to advantage visibility and for greater humans to discover and use it. Compared to the previous blogs, this time we’ve got a unique topic to discuss - 10 Ways to increase app downloads. So why wait? Let’s get started.

Tips to make your app stand out of the crowd

Have a capturing icon: Consumers are pushed with the aid of using visible cues. That method of your app icon ought to be greater than an afterthought. Your app's icon is the primary aspect that a capability purchaser sees in an app save, so ensure you invest money into developing a visually appealing one.

Choose the best keywords and categories: Keyword relevance is one of the most vital matters you may do is optimize the key phrases you operate for your app's identity and description. Categories are important and efficient when you publish your app to an app save. Pick your classes accurately and strategically as they hold an integral part when it comes to the strategies that will lead to increase in app download. Make sure you choose a class that's applicable for your app however, now no longer overly saturated.

Develop websites to increase the view: You can install an SEO-optimized internet site that expands at the statistics you offer for your app save a listing. Consider a weblog for your web website online so you can exhibit one of a kind, make use of your app and assist you in getting the eye of customers looking for subjects associated with your services.

Attract using a simple yet capturing video: Making a simple yet efficient video for a few seconds that can illustrate the how, why and what of your application. Place more emphasis and stability upon the usage of your application by people and the famous maximum functions of your product. Once your video is out, it also acts as a promotion. These strategies may look simple but have a great effect when it comes to capturing the mind of people and making them visit your app at least for knowing about it.

Mobile attribution: A mobile or smartphone attribution device enables you to tie the setup of your app to a group of people who match perfectly with the features that are being provided by the application. Moreover, it also helps your application in reaching the best set of people. This also becomes like a deal where you assure your customer's functionality and satisfaction and help develop your business.

Make connections: Another method you may use is connecting with your present customers at once on the smartphone. Whether it's in-app messaging or push notifications, particular channels permit you to attain your customers at simply the proper time with a central message.

Collect more data: The facts you gather from your modern-day customers permit you to enhance your product and your advertising processes to grow the downloads of and engagement together with your app.

Increase growth via links: Another manner you may significantly grow the downloads of your app are to create deep hyperlinks into your app that permit customers to, without difficulty, drop into the cellular revel in. 

Utilize social media platforms: There are more than 3.5 billion social media customers worldwide, so it's vital to sell your app on one or more of those platforms. According to Mobile App Daily, over seventy percent of online groups use social media for their cellular app advertising.

Never underestimate the power of an email: While there are numerous methods to sell a virtual product or service, email advertising stays the top green shape of virtual advertising. One latest survey has determined that for every $1 spent, email advertising has a median go back on funding of about $51.

Developing a mobile app for your business and uploading it need not be a successful strategy unless it gets proper attention or recognition among the people as there exists plenty of applications that will be offering similar services. The stakes of the competition are higher than expected. Therefore, one should have a proper strategy in order to meet the business goals. So as to increase the app downloads, we need to optimize the app in such a way that it appears in front of a large percent of people who are actually looking for applications that offer services they are looking for. Above mentioned strategies are few among them. Well, we at Pixbit Solutions own the best team of app developers and marketers who can help your business. The strategies our marketers possess are unique and result promising. Rather than promoting an app that does not fulfill the requirements the users wish to have. We help you design and develop the finest mobile app your business requires in the present world. Once we have a strong product to market, the sales part becomes smooth. Well, a smart product alone cannot build its empire in this tech world. You need a smart marketing team. 

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