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Blogs > 5 Different Types of Wearable Technology you Must Know in 2021
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5 Different Types of Wearable Technology you Must Know in 2021

Wearable technology is constantly developing and has become increasingly famous over the years. Wearable devices have managed a place of worth in the buyer electronics market as the new way of addressing the needs of numerous industries. The advantages of wearing devices worn honestly or loosely attached to the individual in the form of a wristband, glasses, a ring, jewelry, or clothing are very understandable. They are small, worn discreetly in any surrounding and can be integrated into any communication networks and more. As the technology is getting updated, humans are finding new gadgets and innovations out of it.  In this article, Pixbit Solutions will be listing 5 different types of wearable technology you must know in 2021.

Fitness tracker:

The fitness tracker is commonly used on the ear, wrist, and chest and has been designed to monitor and track outdoor activities like sports and gym-related metrics like running distance, running speed, pulse rate, and exhalation. Some learning in certain activity trackers measured and examined their reliability and accuracy during counting. The results were that some trackers work well indoors and produce correct information, while others are best suited to outside activity. Researchers think that fitness trackers empower users and may motivate people to exercise more.

Smart clothing:

This clothing is similar to other types of wearable that includes a huge range of wearables from sports wearing to sports to medical cloth, military clothing, and e-textiles. Smart clothes contain different stuff, typically yoga pants, secret cameras, helmets, and caps with lots of features and sensors. Wearable biometric devices have fascinated the attention of soccer, golf, racing, and baseball sports leader and are using already wearable’s to check players, a physical condition during civilizing teams, and training to decrease injury. Smart clothing has massive for structuring sites, firefighters and transportation.


Smartwatches are programmed devices or small designed to be worn on your wrist with the enhanced functionality. A lot of smartwatches are mobile-based. Some combine with a Smartphone and provide an extra screen to alert the wearer to updates or changes such as text messages, telephone conversations, or calendar events. Manufacturers are continually improving their devices by including features like waterproofing frames and exercise tracking. With the addition of reliable sensing devices, smartwatches can now capture and analyze hand movements such as smoking or other activities.

Wearable camera:

Portable cameras, unlike traditional cameras, have a user-friendly appearance, movement, and flexibility that have attracted consumer interest. These cameras are interesting because they can produce real-time first-person videos and pictures, and more. Small cams that can be fitted or even worn in the ear or equipped with caps or helmets and larger cameras with fitting attachments are utilized. Wearable cameras are essential for accident detection and environmental monitoring that is according to some researchers.

Wearable medical device:

These medical devices consist of one or more monitors with different physiological data for disease prevention and early diagnosis. To collect meaningful patient data using non-invasive devices, sensing and digital health wearable technology is typically grouped with other everyday wear such as activity trackers, patches, and smartwatches.

Bottom line:

Most of the wearable technologies mentioned above are already available in the market and few of them are expected to appear in your place of work in the future years. Once they arrive, you will also know why each item on the above list is so significant. 

After reading about the various wearable technologies and finding how useful they are, do you have a thought on how well you can implement them in your business? In this digital world, where the entire human kind prefers to lead a smart lifestyle, these wearable technologies surely possess a great role. Share your innovative ideas and thoughts with Pixbit Solutions. We always welcome updated techniques and creative ideas. 

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