Agile Methodology is the process in software or app development, wherein the work is divided and completed into small chunks. This method is used in project management. Modern businesses are continuously looking for new ways to remain up with the rapidly changing advancements in technology and market conditions. 

Developing an app or software takes around a minimum of 3 to 6 months. During this phase, a lot of technological updates take place, and as a result of which the results don’t reflect the desired results.  

Software is developed into small stages, and constant feedback from clients is taken into consideration and incorporated into the software. 

Introduction to Agile Methodology? 

Agile Methodology was introduced in 2001 by a team of 17 software developers. They had one mission of maximum client satisfaction. During the development phase of any software or application, there will be technological updates. So, via Agile Methodology, it’s the developer's job to make sure that the software/application can incorporate the technology updates in a smooth way. 

If the end-product does not reflect up-to-date technology, then it’s all futile. It wouldn't solve the core purpose in the first place. In this blog, we'll be mainly discussing about the agile methodology.

Benefits of Agile Methodology 

The following benefits make Agile Methodology stand out:

  • Client Satisfaction: The client is the king. Customer involvement at every stage, regular feedback is important. This saves every stage from developing lags and loopholes and increases efficiency. 
  • Time frame based: Time is fixed for every stage of development. It leads to the completion of work as per the schedule and timely delivery. 
  • Helps to incorporate technological changes: Work is split into stages, this helps in keeping track of the latest updates and changing requirements, and align them with the software/application.

How does Agile Methodology Work?

The first is client and developers meeting to consult and decide on the project, the requirements, scope. Work is subdivided into small chunks, which are independent but are correlated.  

A team is formed consisting of business owners, senior developers, junior developers, graphic designers, quality managers, scrum masters working together at every stage. 

At every stage, feedback from the client is received and incorporated within a framed period. Any delay will hinder the process and the outcome of development. 

Work is completed after integrating the feedback and working on loopholes. Then the second stage is initiated. Likewise, the entire development takes place stage-wise.  

An adaptive method is used, instead of a predictive method. Earlier, waterfall methodology was applied in software development. It was more of a predictive way, where the scope of work was pre-decided and was completed in one single go. Hence it would turn out to be outdated software.

Agile Methodology has immense benefits to the customer as well as the developer. Agile has gained immense significance due to its underrated features and benefits. 

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