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what is headless ecommerce

What is Headless Commerce? - All You Need to Know

Nowadays, the need for doorstep delivery is essential for everyone, and people expect that thing almost everywhere. The customer’s satisfaction and convenience are the primary things to focus on by each business person. And so, it is necessary to adopt e-commerce in many businesses, and the demand for eCommerce is increasing quickly. Ecommerce is not used for shopping on desktops alone, even on mobile phones and tablets and other devices you can shop through e-commerce. The new approach in eCommerce is Headless commerce, and it will help to satisfy the improving commerce demands. Here, Pixbit Solutions will be discussing about what is Headless eCommerce and all you need to know about headless commerce. 

 What is headless commerce? 

Generally, there will be both front and back delivery layers for content management and delivery in an headless eCommerce. Which means the templates or theme can be removed and decoupled. This headless commerce is considered a solution to eCommerce where you can use it to enhance the customer experience. In eCommerce, you cannot express whatever or however you want, and it is a little hard with the front and back end application of eCommerce. But in headless commerce, you will have the liberty to do whatever you want. 

How headless commerce works?

Requests between the application layers and the presentation through API calls or web services will be passed where the headless eCommerce system will work. If the customer is using a smartphone and places an order by clicking the “buy now” button, the headless commerce system will process the order by sending an API call to the application layer. Again, the application layer sends a different API call to the application layer to display the customer’s order status.  

What are the benefits of headless commerce?

Switching to headless commerce from traditional eCommerce is a huge step and so before switching, learn about its benefits listed below for you. 

  • Better employee adoption

It is a little risky to adopt the new technology without learning and having deep knowledge about it in your business, and employees may feel unwilling to do that. But eCommerce is essential for a successful business, so adapting this headless commerce may be considered a solution to this problem as they are so simple and easy to adapt. The employee can easily access the front and back end in headless commerce, whereas advanced skills are not required. 

  • The perfect tool for the job

The customer’s experiences and convenience are the major sources for a company’s success. When you switch to headless commerce, it will help to build customer experiences where they would never feel that experience before anywhere. Inventory, promotions, and product information are usual commerce services. This headless commerce-driven those services using APIs to ensure collective and brand reliable experiences across channels. 

  • Time-saving across IT

The developers may face difficulties with the front and back end in traditional eCommerce, but in headless commerce, the front and back end changes agilely, saving the developer’s time more on user interface changes. The commerce app can easily increase conversation when the developers simply use the templates and partner solutions in headless commerce. The developers require only some light coding. 

  • Time to market

The new trend and unique techniques will profit the business and reach high in the market. When you switch to headless commerce, you can launch a new front in your business, and the experience is also made quickly. You need a minimum cost of the back-end development to rapidly meet the new market trend. 

Bottom line 

The innovation will encourage the developers to save more time while using headless commerce. Finally, the details explained earlier are important details that you need to know about Headless commerce. Headless commerce is the best solution for your business development by having a better customer experience and so switch to headless commerce. Do follow us on LinkedIn profile for latest tech updates.

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