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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ).

The project begins with fresh brainstorming and analysis. A detailed discussion with the development team and client is conducted for mapping the various stages of the development procedure. Gathering of the requirements from the client-side and collaborating them with the latest technologies with the help of expert software developers and designers. However, the stages of development remain more or less the same.

In common words, a static website consists of pages with content that cannot be changed without the developer as the changes are to be made in its source code. Whereas, the pages in a dynamic website can view different content from the same source code.

The requirement of the database depends upon the features a website holds. Say your website contains many products and services. Under such circumstances, we recommend you to have a database. Let’s have a discussion on this, and we’ll explain this to you in detail.

We at Pixbit Solutions offers various mobile app development services such as on-demand app development, custom app development, native app development, hybrid app development, and wearable app development.

Since 2014, we have delivered the most reliable and high-quality mobile app development services. You can check out our portfolio section and find out for yourself our client list. We convey the quality of our company through our works.

Yes. We help redesign existing websites. Share your thoughts and ideas with our project team. Without altering the functionality of the website, we give a new look to your website using the latest technologies.

The cost of a website depends on the features it possesses and the time required to design and develop your project. We aim in delivering premium quality works by keeping the cost as minimal as possible. You can consult our business team to discuss it in detail. We offer a free consultation.

We build all our websites using the Laravel framework. We also work under various other platforms depending on your requirements. Check out our web development services page to know more.

Yes. Of course. Even though our company is in India, the majority of our clients are from outside India. We have delivered projects to over 15 countries including USA, UK, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc. You can even see for yourself the progress of the website remotely. Our entire team will be available for conference calls, and video chats.

Yes. Social Media Marketing helps in the overall increase in website traffic. It triggers in spreading brand awareness by promoting the products and services you offer which ultimately leads to expanding your business.

A social media ad is a paid post that mainly focuses on the audience outside your followers. Ads are generally used to spread your presence to unknown people who are more likely looking for products or services you offer. On the other hand, social media posts are those that share the ideas of the services you deliver among your followers organically. The number of audiences viewing the posts will be limited as they are visible to the followers. If you are targeting a large audience holding a similar sense of the services you deliver, Ads is the best option.

More than 90% of internet users prefer Google. Considering these statistics, we mainly focus on Google. We also include general practices that help in optimizing search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your website rank top in the search engine. This helps gain traffic to your website greatly. Rather than gaining traffic, converting those traffic into leads is the major advantage for the business. Optimizing the website accordingly helps achieve this goal.

The SEO process is a detailed process. Mainly holds techniques such as On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. Check out our SEO guide to know more.

A hyperlink is formed when a link from one website links with your website. Gaining backlinks from authoritative websites helps in improving your website ranking better.

We always value our clients. Also, we give priority to your availability. So yes, we accept weekend consultation calls.

Pixbit Solutions is the most trusted app development company in India that delivers reliable software solutions globally. Over the past 6 years, we have successfully handled 100+ projects in over 15 countries, and we maintain a healthy relationship with our clients. We deliver projects that are of various complexity levels across the world without compromising the deadlines. We offer software solutions for small businesses to large enterprises.

Yes, we do deliver excellent after-sales support services to our clients. If the software applications we delivered faces any sort of issues, we will help you rectify them and maintain the smooth running of the software effectively.

As long as you have enough content, you can have any number of pages you wish to.

Don’t worry. You can talk with our team. We help you figure out the requirements you are actually looking for. Communication with the right team always works.

We offer high-quality app development services from the finest set of software developers holding great experience in their respective fields. We never compromise on the quality of the works we deliver, and we maintain healthy relationships with our clients even after the completion of the projects.