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life at pixbit

Life @ pixbit

Pixbit started its journey in 2014 and we still have Pixbitians who have been working with us from day one. We know the importance of maintaining a good relationship with our co-workers and we never fail in encouraging them. We firmly believe that developing a healthy relationship within the team uplifts the overall work quality.

Our Features

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Sharing knowledge and working together always create great results. We at Pixbit promote teamwork, and that is one of the main reasons why we’ve achieved a remarkable position as one of the most trusted IT companies in India. For increased productivity and work quality, teamwork is the perfect solution.

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We are Foodies!

We truly believe that hunger is the factor that keeps us running. We are a cluster of ingenious heads who are connected by food. Our weekend restaurant visit fosters a positive work culture and improves interpersonal relationships. At Pixbit we eat, live, and breathe solutions for tomorrow. We eat for Good.

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We have clients around the globe who are mainly attracted to the creativity we showcase in our works. Innovative ideas and creative thoughts always have their position throughout the journey. We at Pixbit embrace this feature close to our work that ensures pixel perfection in our work.

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We never let our team suffer in the cubicle the entire day. Developing an office-bound coffee culture makes us proudly say, we are driven by coffee: The conversation initiator, the master brain of creative ideas, and the magic potion that gets converted into digital solutions.

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Learning is a continuous process. Knowing this, we’ve always found space in offering opportunities to learn and implement their skills. We help in enhancing your skill sets and theoretical knowledge for molding your best version

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Entertainment & Wellness

From board-games and foosball to a weekly dose of Zumba we have our share of fun and fitness to keep the adrenaline pumping through the week. We believe in ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ principle.

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Work. Play. Grow

We value the mental and physical health of our colleagues and we embrace a playful culture in our office. It is all about raising the vibration and expressing your humanity at work.

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Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is not an impossible feat for us. Yes, we are perfectionists, but we vow to not take our work home. Healthy work-life balance is our secret to increased productivity.

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Here at Pixbit we go beyond the traditional office schedules. Our unique flexible work culture keeps us more focused on our goals and targets.