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With the benefit of a user-driven and comprehensive profile, Baseline Project's Construction attracts new ambitions with its innovative Web Platform. The Construction and Project Management Company pioneers its functions and prospects with the open window for businesses to acquaint and attain its services in adroit. Prioritizing their services with a 24*7 Customer Support Desk and accessibility towards projects, services and updates, one can easily understand the expertise with the website’s liberal approach. It hooks the viewer with its timely and relevant updates imbibing their latest news, events and the timeline of merits and accolades. The website is adapted with a business approach, summoning worldwide clients with thorough information about their existing, upcoming and completed projects thereby being more transparent. With a proper understanding of the necessities of Baseline, we scripted a journey, a new project and its accomplishment.

commerical and residential builders


For their growing construction territory, the requirement of Baseline was interested in an informative and innovative Web Platform. For the project duration of 3 months, we have gathered the information and technical aspirations of the company for creating a smart, well-organized website for their need to attract clients and investors. By furnishing tailor-made solutions considering the demand, we invested our diligence in brainstorming concepts for crafting the right development strategy. With the path-breaking technical assets of Laravel, HTML5, jQuery, and JavaScript our experienced professionals have conquered the success cementing one more milestone to our vision.


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commerical and residential builders
commerical and residential builders


Baseline Projects and Construction serves in the Construction industry based in Kerala, India. The company offers services across Project Development, Construction, Project Management, Engineering Standards, Procurement, Quality, Safety and Commercial Marketing with the vision of Commitment, Quality and Delivery on Time. The long-term goal to dominate the industry always demands state-of-art accessibility and consistent update in the Digital World. To empower its growth PixBit Solutions has built the digital home of the construction company for more achievements and accolades ahead.

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  • Intuitive and user-centric navigation
  • Relevant and up-to-date data
  • Responsive interactive pages
  • Strong resource library
  • Offers real-time charging updates
  • 24*7 technical support

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