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Cakiyo Cakes

Cakiyo is a robust e-commerce website that lets users easily shop for all their special occasions. They offer and sell a large variety of cakes, flowers, and unique gifts to choose from. The users on entering the website are welcomed with a fresh and attractive interface, that splendidly showcases multiple gift options conveniently categorized by type and occasion. Cakiyo specializes in online cake ordering, allowing customers to make personalized choices from an assortment of flavours and colours that are well formatted for smooth navigation and usability. The website is built in such a way that it is as convenient and user-friendly as shopping from a mobile application. To further enhance, the website is well optimized for mobile compatibility and responsiveness.

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This minimalist, yet aesthetically pleasing custom e-commerce websitewas built within a period of 3 months. After back-to-back sessions of brainstorming by our skilled technical team, the website was put together on technologies like Laravel and Flutter. The result was a dynamic e-commerce platform that seamlessly displays and sells cakes, flowers, and personalized gift items. The structure and design of the website facilitate smooth tracking of multiple orders and efficient streamlining of product deliveries on specific dates. Online cake delivery has never been made so effortless! The website speaks volumes about the quality of their products.


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cakiyo uae
cakiyo uae


Cakiyo is a one-stop destination for gifting ideas. They offer an array of cakes, flowers, and interesting gift products of top-notch quality that make for a unique online shopping experience. This e-commerce website simplifies and revolutionizes online cake delivery. The cakes are baked by experts using premium quality ingredients and users have a wide variety of themes and flavours to choose from. The flowers are arranged and set by experienced florists with the sole intention to bring the customers happiness and satisfaction. The gifts are mindfully created and assorted to suit specific occasions and are personalized according to customer preferences.

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