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Ajary is an All-in-One Property Management Application for Landlords that the landlord and tenant can use to have a fantastic experience dealing with them. It provides wonderfully furnished units through a very flexible rent for a residence with the utmost privacy. The Ajary app has two versions, one user app and another one is a business app. In the user app, enter the rental units using the mobile phone to unlock our smart locks, share digital keys with others, check their lease details, and even pay due rents online. The business app offers property online and instantly creates leases, shares invoices online, and collects due payments through the app. Available on both Android & iOS platforms.

property management app development


To develop the best application for a landlord to offer their property online and instantly create leases, share invoices online, and collect due payments, users can enter the rental units using their mobile phones to check their lease details and even pay due rents online through the app.


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propery management app
propery management app


Project Ajary is one of the most innovative real estate advertising platforms for homeowners, landlords, developers, and real estate brokers.

What's New


  • Landmark search
  • More listings, daily
  • All type of properties
  • Share digital keys with others
  • Check lease details and even pay rents
  • Create leases and share invoices online

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