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Social media marketing company

Social Media Marketing

Though social media platforms appear to be a normal space, there is a wide range of possibilities that can be used for promoting your business. As the best SMM agency in India, Pixbit aims at identifying the various possibilities hidden within Social Media and how effectively we can make use of them in order to build your brand.


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Brand Monitoring services

Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring is the practice of tracking various fields to identify where your brand is mentioned. Being the leading social media marketing company in Kerala, we help you figure out the approach of your audience, their mannerism, etc. Identifying how and where people are articulating about your brand will help you better understand how people identify it, and lets you gather valuable feedback from your users. Brand monitoring helps you deliver a progressive growth in your business. It helps increase engagement, traffic, and conversions. It is really important to carry out brand monitoring to keep your brand updated. Even though there are plenty of techniques to develop your business, brand monitoring is considered the cheapest and smartest way to achieve the same goal. With the brand monitoring service offered by us, we help you know your competitors and plan accordingly.

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Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

As social media evolves, so should your Social media ad campaigns. However, for most brands - be it an up and coming company or an industry veteran - this can be easier said than done. Fortunately, you've come to the right place for assistance! Regardless of whether you've experienced a dip in your audience engagement or wish to improve your organic reach, Pixbit Solutions has something for everyone. Using our tried-and-true tools, we can help you intertwine your brand's voice with intelligent social media ad campaigns that target a global audience. This way, you can refresh your social media campaign strategy to fit your future business needs and catapult your brand's name to newer heights. So, take your pick of social media platforms - from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and Instagram - and Pixbit Solutions can provide you all the right strategies to plan and launch your upcoming social media campaign.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

You've now cracked the code to a successful social media digital marketing campaign. But are you wondering if there's something else you could add to the mix of your ad strategies? The answer is - yes! By leveraging the excellent potential of top-notch influencer marketing campaigns, you can now achieve so much more for your brand than you'd thought possible. But here's the best part - you no longer have to chart this course all by yourself! With the expertise of our wonderful influencer marketing company to guide you along, your firm can become a household name in no time. Pixbit Solutions, being a venerated influencer marketing agency, can help you create authentic, scalable and ROI-centric influencer advertising campaigns for social media platforms that span varying user demographics. We can also help you understand your KPIs, choose the right influencer for the job, build the best campaign narrative and oversee its execution.

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Social Media Management services

Social Media Management

Establishing effective brand presence with the help of social media platforms is considered as an important Social Media Marketing strategy. Pixbit Solutions, renowned for offering top-notch SMM services in Kerala helps you manage your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Effectively evaluating the profile and the audience, thereby optimizing your social media profile helps in improvising the strategies used for brand establishment. We offer top-notch search engine optimization services & social media services. We help establish your social media presence with the help of high-quality content, updated knowledge on latest trends related to specific social media platforms. Initially you may feel Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing and various other social media platforms marketing as a simple procedure. But once you find the technicality and wide possibilities, you find it difficult to implement. The expert team of social media marketers we hold are confident with their techniques to boost your online presence. Handover your dream project to the No.1 SMM agency in Kerala. We ensure the best service.

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Social media marketing

Facebook Advertising

We smartly leverage Facebook advertising metrics to monitor our clients’ campaigns and optimize them as needed to ensure the highest yields at the lowest costs.

Social media marketing

YouTube Advertising

Launching a competitive YouTube ad campaign is now simple, because Pixbit offers you a unique opportunity to boost your brand awareness, lead generation and sales.

Social media marketing

Twitter Advertising

Partner up with us to enhance the amount of brand awareness, brand preference, message association and purchase intent your company sees through its Twitter ads.

Social media marketing

Linkedin Advertising

From sponsored posts to retargeting ads, there is nothing we cannot do. This way, you can scale your LinkedIn ads to maximize your sales opportunities.

Social media marketing

Instagram Advertising

Redefine your Instagram advertising using our expertise. We can show you the key areas of your campaign that require upgrading to improve your ad’s performance.

Social media marketing

Pinterest Advertising

Our Pinterest advertising solutions can help brands reach a wider audience through personalized services that reduce the time and cost required to launch new campaigns.

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Yes, Social Media Marketing helps in the overall increase in website traffic. It triggers in spreading brand awareness by promoting the products and services you offer which ultimately leads to expanding your business.

A social media ad is a paid post that mainly focuses on the audience outside your followers. Ads are generally used to spread your presence to unknown people who are more likely looking for products or services you offer. On the other hand, social media posts are those that share the ideas of the services you deliver among your followers organically. The number of audiences viewing the posts will be limited as they are visible to the followers. If you are targeting a large audience holding a similar sense of the services you deliver, Ads is the best option.

Yes! Not only can social media marketing help your brand, but it has also become a necessity today. Social media platforms feature a wider audience than most other networking platforms. So, it is the best possible way to advertise and market your brand to a global network of potential customers.

Pixbit Solutions is dedicated to focusing on every pixel and bit of the work we put out for our clients. More importantly, having served over a hundred clients in 15 countries, we've created a niche for ourselves that establishes us as the No.1 SMM agency you can hire.

The key to a great social media campaign is consistency. So, companies will need to invest in the best social media marketing company they can find and work tirelessly toward researching and implementing the right ad strategies. Then, in about four to six months, they'd be able to see some results however it depends on the services.

We began our journey into the world of digital marketing and web development in 2014. Since then, we've handled countless projects and transformed ourselves into a social media marketing agency you can wholeheartedly trust. And now, nearly a decade later, we’ve accrued a highly satisfied clientele that stands as a testament to our great work ethic.

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