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Blogs > How The Instagram Algorithm Works in 2022
how the instagram algorithm works in 2022

How The Instagram Algorithm Works in 2022

Have you ever spent a day without scrolling through the Instagram Explore page? Ever wondered how these videos and contents are getting suggested for you? You might not have any clue about how things are happening on social media platforms like Instagram. 

While Instagram is getting popular every day, users and digital marketers are still unsure about how its algorithm works to bring you only the most relevant content! Social media influencers, celebrity page managers, and digital marketers might have experimented with content varieties to get a hook on the engagement. Many still think that a creative post with an exciting caption and well-researched hashtags alone works to bring in engagement for Instagram posts. If you are on the same boat, beware, it might sink soon!

If you want your Instagram page and posts to reach a wider audience, you should first understand how its algorithm works. No matter whether you are a digital marketer or a small business owner that sells on social media, Instagram algorithm changes affect everyone alike. Every user should understand the ranking factors and what should be done to improve their page/post engagement. Since everyone these days is a social media influencer, getting the knack to appease the algorithm might help!

So, what is the Instagram algorithm?

The Instagram algorithm is a set of factors that decide which content should be prioritised and brought on to the top of the user’s feed. These factors can be changed promptly based on many aspects, solely by the proprietors.

How does the algorithm work?      

Instagram has a set of rules/factors that decide what content should be seen by users. In a blog published in 2021, Instagram's CEO revealed that they have a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its unique purpose. It is aimed at making the most of the user’s time and ensuring the best-personalised experience. These algorithms work each time a user opens the app, combines, and prioritises the videos, posts, and stories. 

How does the Instagram algorithm choose what content to be shown to each user?

Some of the relevant factors that affect the algorithm are:

  • Relationship with the followers
  • Relevancy of the content according to your previous interactions
  • What interests the user, based on their previous engagement
  • Timeline of the user’s post
  • How frequent the user opens and interacts with the platform
  • Number of users following
  • How long does the user spend time on the platform

Instagram algorithms for story views and feeds are mostly based on the content you follow. 

What’s in store for 2022?

  • When it comes to the explore tab, Instagram would be looking at the previous interactions of the user and bringing up interesting posts and accounts that the user doesn't follow yet!

  • For reels, Instagram will pull out both pages you follow and don’t, with content that you’ll probably like to watch.

Tips for Digital Marketers and Influencers:

The list of factors that influence the Instagram algorithm may seem a bit complicated. However, if you have a closer look, it’s all about quality and engaging content. What interests, engage, entertain, and enlighten you would also do the same with your followers! Hence, if you wish you boost your Instagram pages, always go along with the community guidelines and try to find the pulse of your audience!

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