Let's face it - ecommerce websites are the future of the F&B (food and beverages) industry. This is especially true now, with cloud kitchens ruling the arena. So, if you own a bakery, the last thing you need is to miss out on a cake delivery app. Because then you'd be skipping out on the many customers who enjoy ordering from the comfort of their homes. And that's why, today, we'd like to give you some quick tips on building an online cake ordering app like FNP. So, let's begin!

Why Should You Build Your Own Cake Delivery App?

An online food ordering app may seem self-explanatory in its functionalities. But if you ask us, there is more to it than that. So, here are the key reasons you should build your own cake delivery app.

  1. You're Tired of Managing Multiple Software Systems

Let's say your business is run on the backs of multiple software systems. Certainly, then, you must have first-hand experience of how complicated that can get. So, the best solution to this conundrum is to get a single ecommerce website to manage it all. With all the time and effort you save this way, you'll soon get to sit back and relax.

2 Unique App in the Market

Trust us, folks, your company can do much better than a generic food delivery app. Thankfully, customized websites and apps are now a dime a dozen! This is a good thing because it means you, too, can engage in some custom mobile app development. With such software systems at your disposal, you can easily witness your sales soar.

3 Streamlining Operations is Your End Goal

Once your bakery is full-fledged in its operations, your job as its owner will increase manifold. From managing employees to labeling ingredients and beyond, you're bound to find your days brimming with chores. Hmm.. if only a little helper genie could assist you. Well, guess what? Your custom software is all the magic you need! This application can streamline your operations so well that you'd have a smooth-running business in no time.

4. No Better Way to Handle Your Inventory

Handling inventory is an essential task and best allotted to someone extremely trustworthy. And who better to trust than your custom ecommerce website? Equipped with an inventory module, you can efficiently manage, optimize and update your inventory. The module can also alert you when you run out of things. But as a baker, you can take this one step ahead. Design the module to know and manage your production levels. Then, based on the ingredients you have, it'll tell you what items you can currently sell. This way, you'd always have a supply of the advertised products.

5. You'd Love Some Help Growing Your Business

Building an Online Cake Ordering App from Scratch

Have we convinced you about that cake delivery app? Great, let's move on to actually building it, then! And here's how you can do that.

- Study the Current Trends in Food Delivery

Stay up-to-date on what's trending in the industry. This will let you know what your competitors are up to, and you can use this knowledge to decide what direction your business should take.

-Choose A Business Model

The choice of a business model depends on numerous factors. For example, will you only take orders, or will you also deliver them? Also, who is baking the cakes, you or the vendors you've aggregated? Further, for a business model that includes delivery, you'd need to charge a delivery fee. This can be a flat rate or a fee based on distance, demand surge, etc.

- Define Your Audience

Ask yourself these questions:

Will your cakes be diabetic-friendly?

What is the geographical area you wish to serve?

Who would be interested in your exclusive ingredients?

What age group will you cater to?

When you've answered these, you'll have a clearer picture of who your target audience is.

- Decide What Features You Want

Know what features your app needs? Wonderful! You're now free to proceed to the next step. But if you do not, we've listed a few essential features below. So, keep reading to find out what they are!

- Select Your Tech Stack

Finally, select the best tech stack that suits your vision for the app. However, suppose you find yourself struggling with this. In that case, it is best to approach an experienced on-demand mobile app development company for assistance.

Essential Features to Have on Your Platform

custom cake ordering website

Excellent, you made it! So here are the features your app absolutely needs.

1. Customer Panel

First stop - the customer panel. Here, be sure to add these functionalities:

Registration and Profile - let your customers register, add preferences, payment details, and more.

  • Personalized Search - curate search results based on their previous activity.
  • A Wishlist and Cart - allow them to hold on to items in a wishlist or pay for them in one go.
  • Multiple Payment Options - customers can choose between net banking, cash on delivery, pay-later schemes, etc.

2 Admin Panel

Up next is the administrative side of things. This panel can let you see dashboard insights, run inventory, manage loyalty programs, offer product deals, and enable push notifications. The functionalities of the Admin Panel;

  • Manage Stores
  • Manage Offers & Discounts
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Payments and more

3 Delivery App

As important as the customer and admin panels are, you simply cannot have an online cake ordering app without a delivery panel. Here, you can allow your delivery partners to create profiles, use navigation tools, accept or decline orders, update order status, and accept payments on your behalf. The functionalities are;

  • Create Profile
  • Route / Navigation
  • Check Orders
  • Order alert

4 Personalized Orders

Who can say no to a cake baked exclusively for them? Exactly, no one! That's precisely why providing personalized products on your online cake ordering app is always a great idea. You can give your customers the option of choosing designs, writing out personal messages, adding or removing ingredients, and so much more!

5 Manage Customer Relations

There is no way you'll be able to please all your customers. However, you can certainly minimize their grievances by providing proper redressal channels on your website and app. For instance, let's look at Cakiyo's fantastic website. Designed by our experts at Pixbit Solutions, this platform provides numerous means of contacting the vendor. This way, it assures the customers of a quick resolution to issues.

6 Employee Management Systems

Cakes are the pinnacle of delicious treats during holidays. But what happens if your resident baker takes a day off for some family time? Even worse, what if you haven't had a chance to schedule a substitute employee? The resulting chaos would be unimaginable. Thankfully, your cake delivery app can also double as employee management software. Your admin panel can take a load off your shoulders and track who is on duty to automatically assign them tasks.

7. Sales Tracker

Are you currently struggling to stay on top of your earnings? Worry not, for your bakery delivery software is here to the rescue! Through the genius of custom ecommerce website development, you can program your websites and apps to record product sales data, earnings, peak sales periods, and more.

Make Your App a Trending Success

We hope you've digested that load of information by now. And in the process, if you've decided to custom-build a cake delivery app, you've come to the right place! With Pixbit Solutions' extensive experience developing food delivery platforms, we can guarantee your utmost satisfaction. Besides, guiding your app to its success is one of our superpowers!

So don't wait too long! Contact us right away, and we'll get this project going.