With today's strong competition, standing out from the multitude is difficult. It's the same with your mobile apps. How can you be sure that your mobile App will stand out among the billions? Of course, appropriate preparation and strategy are required. Furthermore, depending on the platform you want your App to publish on, you must adhere to the App Store and Google Play Store requirements. The mobile app development firm is working hard to ensure that its apps are authorized and provide a positive user experience. Your App's success is entirely based on the features, quality, and experience it provides to its customers. Only a few factors can determine whether an app is a success or a failure. So Many apps are rejected by the App Store or Google Play Store because they do not follow the criteria or for a variety of additional reasons that you will explore in this article. So why waiting? Let's get start.

Importance of User Interface (UI)

User-centric design and user interference are the foundations of a successful mobile app. Users always prefer apps that deliver a consistent experience across many devices and platforms and a solid UI design, which increases the likelihood of the App failing.

Problems with Performance

With today's fast-paced technology, no user wants to use your App if it is slow and unresponsive. These apps will not engage your users, and in fact, they will irritate them. Your app store or play store staff must ensure that your App is easy to use, quick to download, and easy to update. Your App's aesthetics are important, but users will not wait for the graphics to emerge. Such apps are not supported by the App or play store.

Bugs and Crashes

Defects in your App can also cause crashes. This problem may appear to be frequent and visible, but it can cause your App to fail, which is something you don't want to happen. This issue arises due to a large number of individuals utilizing your App and generating a lot of traffic. The App takes this very seriously and removes the App from the list of submissions. As a result, before passing the approval procedure, you should evaluate your App's flaws and other difficulties.

App Fraudulence

In the mobile app development sector, unique ideas are usually praised. And copyright issues are a typical occurrence that must be addressed. Copyright concerns might arise due to app duplication, and the legitimate App may lose its user's trust and reputation due to such identical apps. As a result, avoid falling into such traps. Also, avoid plagiarizing other people's ideas.

Basic Functions are Missing

When you publish an app to the app store or play store, you indicate that it's the final product you want to show to your target market. As a result, it's critical to double-check that you have synced all of the required functions indicated throughout the App review process. If you don't, a mobile App firm will not consider your software a full-fledged product.

Damaged Description

This is one of the significant essential components of the App, and it can also be a major reason for rejection. The app reviewer will reject your App if the app description is irrelevant and fails to convey the App's characteristics adequately. Furthermore, do not include anything in your description about your program. Make an effort to be as relevant as possible. As a result, make sure the app description is clear and concise, there are no grammatical errors, and no false promises are made.

Bottom Line

Finally, the rejection of the mobile application developed by the marketplace is almost usually due to some reasons. To submitting App to the marketplace and have it authorized, it is necessary to follow some of the proper guidelines. This will save the App from being rejected and increase the likelihood of it being accepted right away.

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