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google algorithm update - June core update 2021

Latest Google Algorithm Update 2021

 To be one of the leading SEO agencies in India was not a quick or easy process for us. It took an organized and structured practice along with holding the factors that shouldn’t be avoided. One such factor was the Google Algorithm. The strategies used in SEO will be somewhat same but it requires fine optimization when the Google algorithm changes. Following the same techniques all the time won't just render a neutral outcome but even worse the website health. And that is why we consider even the slight changes that have been delivered during the algorithm update. In this blog, Pixbit Solutions, the No.1 SEO company in India will be discussing the latest google algorithm update. We are sure that this blog will be helpful to the people looking for the best digital marketing agency or SEO company in India and the SEO analysts out there. So why wait? Let’s get started.

Google is constantly making new updates in its algorithm. Well, this time, it was a two-part summer update that happened in June/July 2021. As the developers were not able to deliver it all in a single update, it had to be carried out in a second update. On June 16th, 2021, Google rolled out a brand-new algorithm update called "The Page Experience Update".

 The Page Experience Update is meant to bring a better user experience that prioritizes pages to offer a quality page performance i.e., fast loading, non-shifting stable page. 

With the latest page experience update in 2021, Google is introducing 3 new metrics that are speed and overall page experience along with the previous mobile-friendliness, HTTPS security, and intrusive interstitials.

These three new metrics are called "Core Web Vitals". 

What are core web vitals? 

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) 

The above mentioned are the three most important web essential statistics. These new metrics will help website owners monitor as well as enhance the loading speed responsiveness including the stability of the website. Ultimately leading to a better user experience (UX).

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

Firstly, LCP is the first metric that measures how users access the initial loading of a page. 

Secondly, it also measures the visual part of the loading time. More importantly, LCP measures the time the large block of visual content takes to appear on the loading page. 

2. First Input Delay (FID)

First Input Delay or the FID measures how much time a page takes to become responsive. When you try to click something on a website such as a button and if it takes a second to respond then that web page is considered to have a slower FID. 

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Finally, the last metric in the core web vitals is Cumulative Layout Shift or the (CLS) which measures the page stability. 

If you are reading an article and the page shifts by itself and you have to find your reading place again in the article then that irritating shift is called a page layout shift. This CLS is the overall shift in a page layout when it loads. 

Core Web Vital Reports:

The core web vitals reports depict how your pages are performing for each of the three latest metrics that are based on real-world usage data.

Since the core web vitals are going to be the new ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm 2021, core web vitals have become an important factor. Furthermore, they measure the quality of your website’s user experience.

 Plus, they are essential for all marketing channels as well and also have a great impact on the key metrics such as bounce rates, conversion rates, and revenue. If you want to improve the core web vitals scores, and you are not a developer yourself, then you must outsource the work to SEO experts to improve the website’s metrics.

Wrapping Up:

According to the recent update by Google, it is going to scrutinize the quality of all the outbound links of your website. To sum it up, the latest Google algorithm released in 2021 is expected to come across all the languages that Google supports. 

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