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Adel Hamdan Al-Subhi Est.

The official website of Adel Hamdan Al-Subhi Est. gives out a complete overview of their business undertakings, company history, as well as the provided services that are in massive demand for industrial as well as governmental projects. This Construction Company Website is designed in such a way that the details given are in a well-structured and organized manner that leads to good navigation for every user. Therefore, better navigation makes it easier for users and search engines to crawl through Adel Hamdan Al-Subhi Est. website to find the information they are looking for, thus leading to better SEO. Building a user-friendly website with the help of the latest technologies helps keep up with the company’s professionalism, brand identity, and reputation.

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This project was successfully completed over a period of 2 months which involved designing a user-friendly website using a set of the latest technologies. The most prominent challenge for this project was to create a clear strategy for building a website that keeps up with the needed functionalities to lead in the present market world with the reputation and identity they have established over the years. Above all, the website was designed with efficient and advanced functionalities keeping future business opportunities in mind. This SEO-friendly website was made possible with the help of technologies such as LARAVEL, HTML5, Jquery, and Javascript.


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adel hamdhan uae
adel hamdhan uae


Adel Hamdan. is a well-established UAE-based trading, transportation, and contracting company with an integrated team of professionals and technicians to manage and execute the project efficiently. They aim to provide the best results in order to achieve the advanced refineries accredited as the main contractors at SAUDI ARAMCO and also commit to implementing the highest standards of security, safety as well as accuracy in their undertaken works. They take on both industrial and governmental projects along with an efficient supply chain of various dirt minerals, stones, etc. of different sizes.

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